cornelius week one

He's back yet again and here are his week one antics. Letty has been most amused. And David has enjoyed his morning em e em's. For those of you unfamiliar with Elf on the Shelf and care for a quick synopsis here you go. Otherwise ignore Friday's around here till after the holidays.

Day one: Someone must have told Cornelius that the kids were off to see Santa!

Day two: He just planted himself safely up high, away from David's grasp in our kitchen wreath. 
Day three: Must reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene. 

Day four: The first day of December brought with it the advent calendar house situation and the healthy addition of em e em's to the breakfast repertoire. C got a bit caught up. 

Day five: Ahhh. Sweet relaxation. 

Day six: Anna and Elsa turned him into Olaf. Kind of? Maybe? Okay not my best work. And clearly Letty is not my daughter because as you can see... Elsa's hair... and the fact that she is missing her skirt. Her cape. Her shoes. Her crown. You see my point?

Day seven: Hung by the curtain rod with care...

And there it is. His first week back in the Olsen Residence!

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  1. he's a wild and crazy guy that elf. but i always dig your creativity with this stuff. i don't know how you do it!

  2. oh my gosh haha!! these are amazing!! i just stick ours in the tree because we had one growing up that we didn't really do anything with. and then i read the book for the first time and thought it was creepy. but of COURSE you have the best elf of all doing only the cutest stuff EVER!!! i love cornelius! i'm sure it's fun with letty being an age that understands!!

  3. Cornelius knows what's important in life. Proper oral hygiene, and of course, em e ems.

  4. These are always so funny to me. We don't so the elf thing over here, I just can't wrap my head around it. Nor do I think I am creative enough to come up with these kinds of things. But I love reading and seeing what other people do!

  5. bahaha loving the taped to the candy cane one! and the em e em's! I love seeing what all the elves get into this time of year. Semi related - Aria broke into her advent treat 'day' today. Naturally she picked the one I only put up for show and it had no treats. Not even a good crime.

  6. Oh girl, how I've missed you and your antics. And Cornelius...he is about the sweetest little thing ever and I LOVE the first week your elf. And baby D in the first pic? Too cute!

  7. Excellent first week! So much fun and a little naughty. I would like to have my head stuff in a candy bag about now too! :)


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