cornelius week four.

The final week. Sniff. I gave up after a few days because there was a certain someone demanding my attention each evening so I asked Matt to take the wheel. A job which he took and ran with. Full steam ahead. 

Day one: Letty was sick with a double ear infection yet again, this time paired with a nasty cough. She loathed the cough syrup. Cornelius didn't think it was so bad. 

Day two: Sometimes you're just driven to drink. 

Day three: Can you tell who took over now? Quite the team Cornelius has am I right? Note the giraffe's nose.

Day four: He was caught red handed. Har. Har. 

Day five: It's a basement race!

Day six: Nothing like setting up shop next to the First Family. 

His goodbye act before heading back to the North Pole.

So goodbye, my sweet elfin friend! Until next year! 

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