christmas bucket list. the 2014 version.

I have so much in store for the holiday season of 2014 (that has already started in my world for anyone truly paying attention). I hope all things (looking at you belly) cooperate with me on this one!

- Decorate the house from top to bottom. And I do mean bottom. The basement is not off limits. And because I have an illness this is already done. Here. Here. Here andddddd here.
- Wear lots of red glittery nail polish. Check.
- Visit Santa and see the horses with their wagons full of Christmas trees. Check...
- Dutch Winter Wonderland again and again and again.
- Make ornaments! And grandparent gifts! And teacher gifts! Oh my!
- Strasburg Railroad Santa's Paradise Express. I have heard marvelous things about this and I plan on going. With or without my family. Ahem.
- Have a baby! Dominic the Christmas Baby. Eeee-awww.
- Elf on the Shelf of course! Maybe we can get David involved this year. New house... new antics.
- Complete all Christmas shopping and Christmas wrapping by Thanksgiving. I said wrapping because there is a baby that is coming out and I want it all ready to go beforehand. In case. This one has a big old check mark right next to it already as well.
- Write Santa a real legitimate letter.
- Order Dominic his own stocking and of course I'll be needing another stocking hanger. Must I say check?
- Actually get to a Live Nativity this year. Weather please cooperate.
- Bake cookies. Especially these.
- I would love to find a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Of course this is Dominic and weather permitting.
- Birthdays! Many many birthdays!
- Take a really nice Christmas card photo and have them out like... today (I had these out Black Friday...).
- Be home safe and sound with Dominic for Christmas Eve and for Christmas. Please!

Last year's should have been Christmas card:

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