christmas bucket list. the 2014 version.

I have so much in store for the holiday season of 2014 (that has already started in my world for anyone truly paying attention). I hope all things (looking at you belly) cooperate with me on this one!

- Decorate the house from top to bottom. And I do mean bottom. The basement is not off limits. And because I have an illness this is already done. Here. Here. Here andddddd here.
- Wear lots of red glittery nail polish. Check.
- Visit Santa and see the horses with their wagons full of Christmas trees. Check...
- Dutch Winter Wonderland again and again and again.
- Make ornaments! And grandparent gifts! And teacher gifts! Oh my!
- Strasburg Railroad Santa's Paradise Express. I have heard marvelous things about this and I plan on going. With or without my family. Ahem.
- Have a baby! Dominic the Christmas Baby. Eeee-awww.
- Elf on the Shelf of course! Maybe we can get David involved this year. New house... new antics.
- Complete all Christmas shopping and Christmas wrapping by Thanksgiving. I said wrapping because there is a baby that is coming out and I want it all ready to go beforehand. In case. This one has a big old check mark right next to it already as well.
- Write Santa a real legitimate letter.
- Order Dominic his own stocking and of course I'll be needing another stocking hanger. Must I say check?
- Actually get to a Live Nativity this year. Weather please cooperate.
- Bake cookies. Especially these.
- I would love to find a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Of course this is Dominic and weather permitting.
- Birthdays! Many many birthdays!
- Take a really nice Christmas card photo and have them out like... today (I had these out Black Friday...).
- Be home safe and sound with Dominic for Christmas Eve and for Christmas. Please!

Last year's should have been Christmas card:

2013's bucket list here.



  1. haha, so you have any of these left to do! Other than have a baby =) You are on top of things. I still have to wrap Aria's book to open today for the advent book countdown. But, I like have half check?

  2. love this list! so ambitious. hurry here dominic!

  3. Oh stop! That last picture is killin' me! Totally Christmas card worthy!!
    Can we come to your house this whole month? Your bucket list is amaaaaaazing! I haven't even made one for December yet, oops! I need to get on that!

  4. i love this christmas card.. kids are fab
    kisses from italy

  5. Adorable picture! We already have the home alones watched and checked off the list. Priorities ;)

  6. Such a cute picture! And that is quite the list! Even though you have some marked off already. Here is my list: get a tree. Attempt to wrap all presents. The end. Haha!

  7. I seriously want an Elf on the Shelf and a Polar Express party. I'm sure I can find the first one however the latter may be a little harder. :)


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