bumpgate. week 38.

A very small part of me was almost hoping I wouldn't get here. But I say almost because if he arrives that means it will have happened naturally, without the benefit of a constant heart monitor on his little heart, alerting me of any and all nuchal cord issues. I'm a broken record and I don't care who knows it. 

The plan is such: I will be induced on Monday, the 15th. And hopefully Mister Dominic the Christmas Baby will arrive on Monday the 15th.  There is a little curly haired preschooler concerned about me missing Christmas and all corresponding festivities as well as a lovely Christmas program I so desperately want to go to. Even if I have to limp there directly from the hospital. 

So I'm past 38 weeks and yes. Another update.

Boy/girl, girl/boy| Boy. When we were expecting David we knew he wouldn't be Letty because he had a p where she had a v. But this time? Two boys? Then the mind can really wander. Will he be like his brother? Will he be fair haired or dark? Will he love trains close to an obsession? Will he be as smart and as particular as David? Let the never ending comparisons begin. But you know what? This one? He will always be my baby. That's one he's got all his own. 

The icks| Same ick different day. I want all the iced tea in the world directly after every single Christmas Tree Cake. That I've most definitely been sneaking in the bathroom 2-5 times a day. I'm a box a day habitual user. 

The LB's| Up up and away. 20 smackaroos. Where did that jump come from? Cue iced tea and add in that I'm not running per say more as just jogging which is basically walking at a fast pace? Throw an incline in there and that's as good as it gets. This stomach is protruding and it's uncomfortable so I figure... Wogging it is. At my last appointment my 37 week belly was measuring at a 39 week belly. So they tell me.

The eats| Yuck. Food man. I could totally just go without it. Not much appeals and I'd just rather not even discuss. 

The movings around happening on the inside| I'm noticing a decrease in the movement but I am still getting the amount of kicks I should. It makes me most nervous. Maybe he is just resting and preparing for his arrival? Or maybe not as much room? 

On the nesting front| Hey, hey it's December and I have just chock a lock filled every spare day I can with something off my bucket list. It's go go go until it's done kind of thing. I'll rest once he arrives. 

I got my hair did this past week. First time since last October. As in 2013. When I chopped it all off? Then. Rhonda has had a relationship with my hair for the past 17 years. And they have been through it all. She also knew that I secretly wanted to have my hair fancied up a tiny bit before Dom arrived. Have to look my best after all. So now that that is done.... Induction date here I come.