another year, another gingerbread house

The night prior to induction we headed over to our neighbor loves for our annual Gingerbread House Making Night. Otherwise known as the eating of the candy and the icing. This event can really take place at no other location than their house. Sprinkles at the mercy of a two year old is not something I want to introduce to my kitchen floors. Stephanie has milk cartons and gingerbread already prepped and glued onto Christmas plates and four separate bowls full of all kinds of candy large and small.

It's hard for me to let Letty's creativity flow but I did just that. And she ran with it. Covering house and plate from side to side and top to bottom all while occasionally sneaking a bite or two. We so do enjoy our time with the Fitzs. And I also enjoy crossing yet another thing off my bucket list. 

What does one with with these houses after creation? Eating them is out right?

Last year's houses here.