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a white thanksgiving


What a lovely idea... snow prior to Thanksgiving. And just last week we were blessed with exactly that. Letty went to bed singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and woke up still singing the same. Unfortunately for her she had to wait until well into the afternoon till we were able to deem the snow amount worthy enough of our time. Getting kids ready to go outside is.... a job. Especially when one's mother is I, who has difficulty letting go of smaller sizes. Blame my youth, blame my nostalgia, but I like to get as much use out of a particular item as possible. Case in point? David's snowpants, that were about three inches too short. And his patience was therefore also about three inches shy of tolerable. But those boots? Don't they compensate for the short pants? Sure.

There wasn't quite enough snow for a snowman, unless you intended on gathering up everything in the front yard, which I was not up for. After David's initial foray into the art of snowball throwing we took the party over to Nonna and Poppop's for some good old fashioned tobogganing like years of olde. Followed by a disrobing promptly into the dryer and my mom's chicken and rice. It could have been Maine and I could have been six.


There really is nothing quite like freshly fallen snow on Christmas lights am I right? Sort of the comfiest of the comfy. 



  1. I can't believe you have snow! I'm concerned about the AC for now lol. It looks so beautiful! x

  2. letty making snow angels and david carrying sled. those are my favs :)

  3. hi dear,
    the last pic is very nice..

  4. This post made my whole week. It's hot and muggy here. I love me some snowy Olsens. And Christmas lights under the snow? So much yes here. If blogs were chairs, yours would be the comfiest.

  5. It is so dang purty. Definitely not something I'm use to even after 4 years in CO. We also were in an apt. so no pretty lights with fresh snow. Just not the same! What is the difference between a toboggan and a sled?

  6. Oh my gosh David's snow boots!!! The kids look adorable in their snow gear :)

  7. snow angels for the win! house looks so pretty:)

  8. Oh the getting ready of kids to play in snow. Or just go outside in general in Alaska. We do it assembly line style since there are just so many layers! I am exhausted by the time it is all over.


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