a santa tradition

I'm open to suggestions, at least a little. I like this Santa. I like where his workshop is. I like how the kids can see animals and horses and a train display. I like how friendly he is and how nice he looks. I like the gift shop and the free hot chocolate. I like the cheap wine ornaments they have as well. The only thing I don't like is the $25 price tag. To be fair you get two 5x7's and a USB drive of all the shots they took, but still. It's pricey. Find me a Santa that can offer what this one does and I'm all ears. For now, here we go. This year dragging along my two baby nieces. I'm just all about including them in any and all traditions. It's like a dream. The more the merrier. I'm like a crazy-eyed Christmas octopus. Come here my little children, pulling them all in on the fun.

Elizabeth Farms is where we head, much closer this year than last, seeing as how we moved. It was very cold, but that is probably because  I went outside with a wet head, which as we all know will give me my death of a cold. David enjoyed his trains just as much if not more than last year at this time. He wasn't too sure why there were no ducks by the animals but you know... those things happen. Santa was early and just ho ho ho'ed right away which was perfect because we are all cut from the same cloth and cannot be on time to save our life. We are always early. My two children went right up straight away (David even ran and there was a Christmas hug!) and sat right down, no tears were shed - a first. Letty told him that she wanted a Frozen cape and David just munched on his mnm's. Santa asked about his milk and his cookies, as well as the carrots for his reindeer and Letty made sure to pass that information along. My nieces did marvelously, having pretty much no clue where they were or who they were with. And this all lasted no less than five minutes. Success. Check. Etc.

Oh and David looks like a little Amish boy. I am fully aware. The pants will be making their way down the hall to Dominic's room and his hair shall be getting a trim asap.

Isn't this nice? All these digitals? I think so.

The ink was barely dry on our 5x7's before we were all heading back to my parent's for the morning after Thanksgiving breakfast. More stuffing of the bellies of course. Just like tradition dictates.

Last year's Santa meet and greet here.



  1. I was thinking of taking Victoria there this weekend! we have never been...I agree, $25 is a little much.. especially when I alrdy plan to take her to the library next week where they will have Santa there, for FREE and we are allowed to take all of the pictures we want... cute pictures!!!

  2. this is a very nice tradition..i like these pics

  3. love the photos! but you're right $25 seems a bit much. all worth it i guess.

  4. haha i seriously would never have thought amish kid!! haha!! but my myyy this looks like a dream!!! love the perfect santa shots!! and the steamy horse breath, of course :)

  5. Those Santa pictures are beautiful!! I love them. I'm jealous. I think we paid a bit more than 25 for our two Santa pictures and the chance to wait in line. So I'd say yours was a better bargain! Probably around 31. Santa ain't cheap.

  6. The trains!!! So cool. And I can't get over these group shots, oh my goodness the cuteness overload!!!

  7. David's face in the third picture from the bottom. Boy looks like he is Up. To. No. Good. Baaahahah! He kills me with the faces.

    Also, "crazy-eyed Christmas Octopus" may just be my new favorite Laurie-ism.

  8. These Santa things are getting out of hand..I agree. We went to see Santa in Downtown Disney and it wasn't as "magical" as I thought it might be? But at least we already purchased memory maker so we didn't have to drop money for the pictures..

    I love how awesome your Santa pictures turned out!!!

  9. So sweet to have all the little ones there together! Love the pictures. Such a great tradition. :)


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