a blog tour

There is this thing going around this odd community consisting of completely not-odd bloggers entitled a Blog Tour. Where fellow bloggers can highlight some of their favorite bloggers and then we all just head on over and check out their place. Kind of like a Christmas Home Tour minus the home. Or the Christmas.
Katie over at Yellow Mango Life added me on to this tour and well, just like a home holiday tour, I can't say no. She loves this about me by the way. Joking. She's one of my favorite bloggers as well so this just tickled my fancy. You should go see her little boy. That kid is the most stylish little dude I've ever heard of. Watch out ladies. He's going to be quite the heart breaker.

So for those new to this space welcome! And to everyone else: I really like you.

1. What am I working on?
Incubating a baby. That is mission numero uno in importance. The rest of the stuff can all wait. This is the main focus. And how can it not be when one requires a crane to be lifted out of even the most forgiving of chairs? I understand this question was supposed to be pertaining to the blog but the baby is all consuming.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I am not an author and feel all fancy even answering this question. I guess blogs do have genres per se and I've planted mine in the whole lifestyle category which covers all manner of sins. I don't feel different from anyone else though. We all bring slightly different things to the table and that's what makes us all special. But at the same time, exactly the same.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Mostly for myself. And then after that I do it for my family. I record the everyday little things because I am notorious at forgetting and it's really great to have an online account of all those things. I realize I could just journal it all privately but then how could I share cute photos of my kids with my mom?

4. How does my writing/creating process work.
I laugh in the face of the term "creative process". Normally something happens in my life and I go - I want to remember you! and then I take my camera full of photos of said something and I upload them and then I tell a story. And often what has transpired is already partially forgotten but I do my best. Then I reread it for typos, occasionally ask Matt if I sound like an idiot and then I schedule the post. All normally on a Sunday night.

I invite you to check out the following lovely ladies and visit their online "home" for a tour. I love so many bloggers, most of which grace my daily reads page or my sidebar, so picking three was really really hard. I sort of feel like the mean girl in high school who wasn't including everybody. Which I was that girl and wish to be no longer. So this was a process I was most uncomfortable with. Still friends? Okay. Yes.

Kerri at Cheshire Kat is one of very few bloggers I actually know. As in my day to day life. She is the Sex and the City to my stay-at-home mom-ness.

I've mentioned my Canadian friend a time or two on here, mostly around Christmas because that's when our particular brand of crazy comes out. Tabitha of Coffee, Wine and Wanderlust and I share more than just that though.

Kelsey had me at the name of her blog, Pardon My French. Such a great name right? I love how down to earth she is and relate-able. She's been there you know? Destroyed play rooms. Messy kids. Sick. All with a side of humor. 

I sure hope that you spend some time perusing what these ladies have to offer... I know I sure do love trolling through archives on a slow work day. And by work day I mean nap time.