when your best friend turns six

When your best friend turns six you celebrate twice. You just do. First you go to Chuck E Cheese like we do for my birthday. Oh! I got invited to a birthday party by a friend from school. I asked mom if I could wear the dress I wore to Aunt Beth's wedding. Mommy said that it wasn't a formal affair but I hear party and all bet's are off. Mommy tells me I should get back to the point. We went here for E's birthday on her actual birthday. Which was a Thursday (I'm learning my days of the week at school, I always forget Thursday). And E is my best friend. The apple to my cider. The Elsa to my Anna.  

And my hair looked a mess. Says my mom. Strooglepader or some such German word. Grammy and Nonna and mommy use weird words.

We gave her Scooby Doo stuffs because she loves Scooby Dooby. She is Daphne. I am Thelma. And Mark is always Fred. She opened her presents and we played played played. I even took my boots offs and climbed up by the big slide. I told mom when I woke up in the morning when there were no more sleeps till E's party that I would. I didn't wants to come down. Liam got scared and he started crying. I got him help. Aunt Stephs had to go up and get him. I love Liam too. He is going marry me.

We had pizza and Stephs made these blue cupcakes with Frozen rings and I take them home. We played games and got tickets and I drove a motorcycle (dangerous!). Liam climbed up the skee ball thing while the daddies just watched and mommy and Stephs found this most upsetting. Mommy grabbed Aunt Steph's bubbies on accident to get her attention. I laugh at my Liam.


Then a few days later we went to E house (which is next to the little house, where we used to live) for another party. E's family and Liam were there and I love their house. E has lots of toys and tons and tons of snacks and things like juice boxes. And she let me wear her Halloween costume which was a peacock. 

There was blue rock candy and a pinata full of snacks and E got a fairy and it flew. David cried when it flew. Loud noises are upsetting to him and I tell him it's okay but sometimes I think he just likes to cry because then people go "awh" and stuffs.

We are the luckiest two, my mommy and me, because we have E and Aunt Stephs. My mommy and E's mommy love each other and E and me love each other and that's what daddy calls winner winner chicken dinner. I can't believe that E is six. I think she is four like me but everyone always reminds me that E is older than I am. I don't believe it. I don't remember life before E. I told my mommy that I wanted to sit by Aunt Stephs because she is booeeful. E got sad because she thought that meant I didn't think she was booeeful but mommy made it all better by talking about the baby, because E is excited for the baby.

And E is really booeeful too.

 Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear EEEEEEEEE. Happy birthday to you.

When you turned five.