stocking stuffer ideas for kids

Our first married Christmas I informed Matt that having stockings hung with care stuffed with assorted gifts was a tradition from my childhood that should be continued at all costs. I explained to him the types of items normally expected within a stocking and where the stocking would be hung (on the dining room chairs of course because my mother never did the mantle thing and our apartment was fireplace-less). Christmas morn came and I was so devastated by the contents of my stocking that they have been empty every year since. Shame on Matteo for that one. Ahem.

That is until my children came along. When of course the stockings came back. But only if you are of the child variety. I am in charge of Christmas purchases and budgeting for it and wrapping it all up. It is my gig. I take it seriously. This year I had approximately $25 left in the budget allotted towards the stuffings of the stocking. I just hit up the Dollar Spot at Target because that place is my favorite and as a new Red Card user I feel it is my civic duty to shop at Target (pronounced Tar-gay by Letty) at all costs. Here are the types of things I kept my eye out for...

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