meet my wine crate obsession.

I can tell you exactly when this obsession began. I mean I've always loved wine. Okay I have loved wine since my Grandma first gave me a sip here and there and mostly reds but I branch out often. This crate specific thing though happened on Super Bowl Sunday in the year of our Lord 2011. I was at my girlfriend Molly's new house which looks like it stepped right out of a magazine, as it should seeing as she runs the shop here. She had these crates. Above her cabinets. With large grapes coming out of them. And I knew they were to be mine. 

This is where I think she told a bit of a fib in order to keep it a secret from me. She said she went to the local wine store and asked an employee if they had any, and they gave her them for free. That's the story. She sticks to it. She has tons of them. She gives them away to people. So Matt and I start on Mission Wine Crate. 

And we fail. Every wine store we enter laughs at us. Matt asks to be put on wait list after wait list where we never receive a call. For months this continues. I finally go in and try and use what little charm I may have and - great success! I actually get one. Maybe you have to be a female in order to get one? I start to feel like Michael Tonello in Bringing Home the Birkin. What is the formula one must use in order to get a crate? We still haven't figured it out. 

Molly's mother gives me another one, God bless her kind soul. I now have two.

Through the years The Quest for The Crate has subsided some. Usually no more than a cursory ask every time we buy our wine. That is until a few weeks ago when Matt ventures into a Delaware Wine Mecca. Where he sees them in stacks. For the low price of $2. He brings me home two. One complete with a lid! Can you imagine?! STACKS.

So besides the crate above the cabinet I now have...

The crate otherwise known as my Living Room Diaper Changing Station. You just don't know what's in there. But I can tell you. Wipes. Diaps. Maybe some Desitin. And in a few short weeks things needed for a newborn boy. Because they are special.

The crate that used to be a shelf (a shelf for kid's crafts!) but now just hides out under our entertainment center. Which is most definitely warping in the middle but Matt refuses to acknowledge this. And yes our children touch our tv and yes it most definitely is not allowed and it greatly upsetting.

The crate that just raised a basket of corks in our dining room but that may someday store other fun things. Like what? I have no idea. Stuff. The world is my oyster.

I think Matt needs to make a monthly wine and wine crate run. I've got great plans for these things. Great plans. Just see my Pinterest board. I'm open to any and all suggestions as well. And do I stain them? What about a weathered look? Oh the possibilities. The mind reels with them.



  1. I never even thought about using wine crates as decor, but it's a great idea. Good luck on your wine crate quest!! :)

  2. I LOVE them! Very Pottery Barnish. ;)

    I like that you use them for more then just decorating too, as storage? Genius!

  3. love the wine crates! its so you guys and its chic and fun. - the adventure to find them that is :)

  4. I love this idea! Why haven't I thought of this before? I see wine crates in my future. Lots of them. :)

  5. iiii looooove wine crates too!! i should try to score a free one sometime! in the year of our Lord, hahahhaha. ooooh outlander influence.

  6. I love them...I love them all! I have always wanted some, but never thought to actually ask a wine store. Lol! Glad I wasn't alone in that thinking. I say Matt needs to grab a few more on the next run :)

  7. I used to date a restaurant manager and he'd bring these home all the time. It never occurred to me that they might be hard to come by otherwise. I used to have tons of them but I left them with him when we split. Had I known I'd have taken them with me for Olsen gifting. Though those boxes may have had some bad juju. Can't have that.


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