it's a holiday special: the living room and kitchen

I could pretty much say that every room is THE favorite room of the house... but this may really be the favorite. It has the biggest tree in the house, covered in ornaments from the past 31 years of my life and every vacation destination I've ever been to. It has five (!) stockings hung by the chimney with care. It has all our old Christmas family photos from when we had a dog to just one baby. It's red and green and pretty all over.


I saved all my Christmas cards from last year and have them displayed on the cabinets kind of like a Christmas present. I had the best time seeing what's changed in a year as I was looking through all the photos.... a friend newly engaged... all these new babies, so many people moving to different places!


Let me express my thoughts and feelings on this addition. It is not present in the aforementioned photos simply because it was a late addition and well... Call me lazy but I wasn't about to retake all the photos. Regardless. I had a vision. I found the wreath here. Weighing in at a hefty two pounds I thought surely a Command Strip meant for three pounds would do the trick. Sadly no. Three failed attempts and a broken Noel stocking holder later I gave in and simply nailed the ribbon to the drywall directly above the mirror. But for a few days the struggle was real. It was real. And. Boo on you Command Strips.

 This falls in neither the kitchen nor the living room category but I like my little chalkboard platter in the bathroom. The end.

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