it's a holiday special: the kid's trees

Our house has eight trees. Three of which are in the kid's rooms. Kids currently born and one still on the inside. I always had a tree as a kid, normally ornamented with hand-me-down's or an occasional ornament purchased by my Grammy. But not my kids. Oh no. Only the themed trees for them! There is Letty's pink and princessey tree. David's pirate and ocean tree. And Dominic's car (Fast & Furious) tree.

And then there are our basement trees. All child friendly of course. The only tree in the whole house they are allowed to touch, the felt tree. We got a new tree this year for the basement that has all shatter-proof ornaments as well as other homemade gems from year's past. It may not be the prettiest of decor choices, but it will certainly be the sweetest. As the years go by seeing all their art skills blossom. Oh yes.

And I think I'm done. No more decor to share this year anyways. And just in time for Thanksgiving.

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