it's a holiday special: the foyer and playroom

Welcome to the madness that I like to entitle: Christmas Decorating. I do this early. Oh so early. It's been something I've been struggling with since childhood and has only increased with age. This year throw a pregnancy into the mix and well, I believe it was November 5 or something and the whole house was ready for December 25. Call me what you will. 

This year was quite fun in that the whole house was new. To me anyways. It took a great deal longer for me to get it all out of wherever it was stored and to organize it and then to decide where each item should go. Exhausting, yes, but fun. I needed several new things, including a garland for this grand ole foyer of ours. I enlisted my mother as usual with all things crafty and also Christmas to help me. And by help me I mean make the entire thing while I was delegated such meaningful tasks as cutting strips of wire into appropriate lengths. But I do love how it turned out.


The playroom added a whole new spectrum to my decorating needs. In our old house the playroom was upstairs and so therefore was neglected in the decor process. This year the room became the Santa room. Doesn't everyone buy a new Santa each year of their married lives? No? Pity.



Last year's decor here.

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