goodbye dutch wee!

Or as Letty said on our way out from under the castle, goodbye Dutch Wee! It's a Kingdom for Kids!

I couldn't allow the last time to be our only time at Happy Hauntings. I just couldn't. I wanted to see it all lit up at night and go through the trick-or-treat line just one more time. No one knows what December will bring as far as the baby and weather and sickness and so when the weather is cooperating now and it's open for patronage, you go to DW. Again. And what a perfect night for it!

We pretty much had the place to ourselves. We just hopped from ride to ride, sometimes not even getting off of it. It's something when these days happen, when the park feels like it's open just for you. There was a bonfire going somewhere and Purple People Eater playing. Hats were on heads and gloves on hands. And my belly? Methinks I'll need to find a way to keep it warm for any future outdoor events in the coming 7 weeks. We left after an hour and a half but it felt like we had been there all day with all that we got accomplished.

Goodbye Dutch Wee! See you nother time!!!