carving pumpkins 2014

We carve pumpkins, yes we do. Normally every single person, children included, get their own pumpkin. The results vary from award winning to shaken handed simple faces. This year my mother decided that we were well into adulthood therefore only the children would have pumpkins. Two of the children being of the newborn variety. So the parents still cut and scraped and carved away. 

Letty of course had to have Elsa, but she also wanted her pumpkin masterpiece and to carve it too, so her very kind aunt let her carve Lena's pumpkin for her. Beth never was one content with her given artistic prowess. I then was left with Elsa. David wanted what else but Thomas and he too wanted to be given a sharp instrument of torture. That poor pumpkin was impaled time and time again, yet still managed, with Matt's help, to look like a train. Of sorts. The Artistic Trovatos did an owl. Free-handed by Rob, carved by Ashley. Mikayla sweetie? You better start working on your art at a very very young age. You have big creative shoes to fill.

Nonna was on baby duty. Matt and Colton were on drinking duty. And it was done.

On Halloween night these lined our driveway welcoming all assortment of little monsters as they stole our candy. And I do say stole. No one listens to that please take one sign, am I right?

Last year's pumpkin carving here.



  1. aww letty is so proud!! and i love matt drinking his wine haha. and your mom looks soooo happy with those baby snuggles! who wouldn't be!!

  2. i love lettys little tongue sticking out while concentrating. ha. love it all

  3. Totally jealous!!! Carving pumpkins is my favorite thing for Halloween. Damn these moose up here and wanting to overtake my house for a pumpkin! Ugh ;)

  4. Look at all of that detail!!! I'm so impressed. I haven't carved a pumpkin in ages, but this might just give me the inspiration to give it a whirl. Good work girl!

  5. Matt with that wine glass! Haaahaha. I now see where David gets his face-making skills from.
    Also, all humans, adult or otherwise, should carve pumpkins at Halloween. Anything else just isn't right.

  6. ooh the choo choo is my fave! And all the pictures of David making different faces =)


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