cape cod iv: or mystic, ct

My final post about our lovely fall weekend getaway to Cape Cod doesn't actually occur in Cape Cod. On our journey northward, right off of I-95, I saw it. Some place I had been dreaming about visiting since before... marriage. I can't put my finger on why but suffice it to say it's been on my bucket list, and rightfully so. Our planned activities in Cape Cod had all been crossed off the list and so when left with the pressing "what to do" question I jumped with an answer. Mystic! Connecticut! It took next to no convincing to get the rest of the group to agree, and so directly after breakfast on Sunday we all headed towards Mystic, with me squealing like a little girl when I saw the Mystic Seaport sign. Finally! Mystic!

It was everything I thought it would be. It was so quintessentially New England to me. The harbor. The boats. The cedar shake siding. The beautiful trees! My father treated us all to the museum, which I hadn't realized you need to gain admission to in order to walk around Olde Mystic. Once inside the boundaries you can board old ships, walk around the old town, smell the old smells. Churches and one room schoolhouses and old shops, all of it. Carefully preserved for all to see. Letty was quite alarmed by the school house and the recorded teacher threatening to switch a student (but perhaps she could use a little switching now an again hmm?). There was plenty for the kids to do, including a Children's Museum and several large wooden play boats. But best of all were the real live boats. Boats where you could go below deck and see the sleeping quarters (short, those seamen) and where they ate their meals and stored their stowaways. Letty maintained she was a Girl Captain Jack and David loved him some steering wheels.

It was a beaut of a Fall day and I am so very happy we made this detour on our travels south. Be prepared, here comes picture overload.

One simply cannot go to Mystic without stopping by Mystic Pizza. Not the movie, but the pizzeria. Located right on Main Street Mystic, it was exactly what I thought it would be. Movie scenes on the walls, excellent food, and the movie playing on every television. If only I hadn't needed to parallel park it would have been absolute perfection.

And that, my dear readers (if you are still there), is a wrap on our long weekend to The Cape. Thanks a thousand to my parents for treating us to these memories. And thank you to every single person who had to deal with my children along the way.