cape cod iii: the sun returns

Our Saturday in Cape Cod was absolutely gorgeous. The sky couldn't have been bluer.... the wind was nonexistent... And it was hovering right around 65 degrees. It was a perfect day for all the outdoor things we wanted to do, starting with Marconi Beach. Other than a few brave surfers it was just us and miles of open sand. No real treasures were found in the seaweed but Letty and Nonna certainly tried their best. My father, not the beach person, was soaked by a wave accidentally. This only confirmed his feelings. Of all people. The passengers in his truck made sure to remove shoes and every speck of sand prior to gaining access. Just picture Danny Tanner vacuuming a vacuum and that's my dad. He even has one in his truck.

Nearby was the Fort Hill Trail, a trail we had read about because of it's child friendliness. We didn't investigate as much as I would have liked because our bellies were rumbling. But! My mother found herself some bittersweet in the flesh and full of poison which my father faithfully gathered for her at home fall decoration needs.

Chatham wasn't too far from us at this point and that is where we headed for lunch. The Red Nun. So obviously a joint for locals. After our burgers on English Muffins, we braved the crowds and the traffic to get to the Chatham Lighthouse. Where we saw and then we left. On the never-ending hunt for more antique shops.

I was disappointed in the lack of available parking in Chatham, as I had hoped for some pedestrian New England town time. I thought perhaps Hyannis might fit that bill but was a bit disappointed. Trendy restaurants and bars there were plenty of but shopping not so much. And the waterfront wasn't exactly everything I had envisioned. But Letty did get to ride a carousel with a skeleton.... We also had ice cream at Katie's Ice Cream where I broke out of my shell with a Spiced Pumpkin Pie flavor.

Everyone and their mother's apparently came to The Cape for the weekend so most every restaurant had quite the wait. We found some space at another local joint, Red Faced Jacks. Hey, they had crayons and fried food so winner winner. And surprise! We went swimming again! Us and every adolescent boy on the peninsula.