bumpgate. week 36.

I realize I already posted today, and I realize it has only been two weeks since I last updated the world on my growing belly, but I'm coming near the end of the road here. And I want to remember it so... indulge.

Look! I've swallowed a basketball!

Last week I was a lucky mama and got a special (to my practice) late-term ultrasound. They were mainly checking out his cord for knots but basically were just trying to calm me down. Two babies. Two cord issues. A third time I fear. I didn't hold out much hope to see his little face, I feel pretty stuffed myself so I'm not sure how there is much room in there for him to pose. I did see hair on his head and pudgy little fingers and toes. Plus - no knots. I'm told that he weighs 6 pounds 7 ounces and that everything in there looks as it should. The cord is around his neck which isn't a sign of concern for them but it is for me. I have a plan though. Mainly begging them to induce me so my entire labor can happen under their careful watch. This also benefits me in that I'll be home in time for a preschool Christmas program and more importantly, Christmas festivities. Priorities.

Boy/girl, girl/boy| The ultrasound tech was able to confirm that yes, he is still a boy. You've all heard those stories right? Where parents were told it was definitely one gender only surprise! no it really wasn't. I don't like surprises. Still Dominic. Speaking of Dominic the Christmas Baby, we decided that his middle name should definitely be a Matthew. Officially.

The icks| Same old. If I don't eat I feel gross so I always need to snack, which I mean, killer right?

The LB's| As of yesterday's appointment I am clocking in at a cool 19 pounds. Which is only alarming in that the belly is just so large. I officially can find no maternity top nor regular large top in my possession that shall cover it. The bottom peeks out under basically everything. 

The eats| I'm looking forward to the addition of wine in my diet and the addition of meals. Like sit down and have a helping of everything served kind of meal. Matt is beside himself trying to come up with things I'll eat and he refuses to listen when I say don't worry about me. My sister is the same way. Kind people, they are, but stubborn.

The movings around happening on the inside| Moving. Oh why you little boy you most certainly are. My belly button has fled the interior space and is reaching outward at an alarming rate. Normally his bottom is at the top right of my stomach with his head firmly placed on my left hip bone. Where he hangs out, rubbing with every step. Sometimes (often) he stretches wide and pushes out with all his might and I feel like I might burst. Such a joy it has been. Growing my third. I may appear to want to rush it simply because of my whole "induce me yesterday" thing but no. I could stand (and love) many more weeks of this.

On the nesting front| I feel like I have things under control at Christmas Central, although I'm sure more will arise, as it always does. Having Christmas as a distraction has greatly alleviated the need to clean every corner of the house. And seeing as that was just done from top to bottom in the Spring, I figure we are good there anyways. The bags are packed. The laundry up to date. The kid's prepped. We are ready to go.