bumpgate. week 34.

Boy/girl, girl/boy| Boy is the word, is the word, that you heard. It's got a groove, got a meaning (ah-ha-ha).

The icks| This has been somewhat better than last month, although every now and again a smell offends the nose. Nothing really appeals to me per se as far as food goes but I'm not starving. Clearly. I'm sleeping just fine for a 34 week pregnant lady. I'm working out every day with my band to support the torpedo I've got out front. No heartburn. So really - no complaints. I just love being pregnant. There internet. I said it.

The LB's| I was told at my appointment yesterday that I'm up 14 pounds. It must have been the Big Mac. We will go with that.

The eats| Matt brought home these lovely Christmas Debbie Cake wonders. Every year I become a child again when they grace the shelves of the supermarkets. I have several packs a day. Not sure how long that weight gain standstill will last with this on the home front though with those in the pantry. Iced Tea, my love, how I could count the ways. I am a vision of health.

The movings around happening on the inside| I'm counting more so than I have with any other baby only because the midwife at my last visit informed me that's a good way to watch for a warning with any cord issues. I call bluff because both the other two were champion movers and they both had cord things soo.... liar liar. But I am paying attention just the same. Who am I to tempt fate? He moves all the time. And he loves tea.

On the nesting front| Christmas shopping, check. Christmas wrapping, check. Christmas card order and label creation, check. Christmas decorating, check. Exterior illumination, check. To say I've been in a festive and particularly productive mood would be an understatement. JOY TO THE WORLD.

And here is an attempt at a 'kiss your brother in the belly' shot that ended in shameful failure: