boo! it was halloween!

This was our first Halloween at the new house. It didn't come without it's fair share of bittersweet-ness, I'll tell you. We missed our Fitzs around every turn. Next year I think we should just make them join us here in Manheim yes? But the Olsen house was not without it's fair share of noise and mayhem, as we had two of my three baby nieces here for their first Halloweens, their corresponding parents, my parents, as well as my sister-in-law's parents. Lots of people, lots of noise, and lots of pizza. And lots of goodies.

We had dinner here earlier so that we could really enjoy the process of dressing the kids, as much as you can when you are wrestling a greased pig (David) forcing him into his Scarecrow costume and all the while bribing with em e em's. We attempted to get some family photos and cousin photos and I had to open up the windows to alleviate the sweating. I slapped a print out of The Death Star onto my belly and walked around saying "that's no moon!" all night long. And then 6 p.m. came. And out we went. Into the great wide void my friend.

This development was packed. Kids everywhere. Parents everywhere. Bowls of candy on practically every stoop. Not all candy either! Toothbrushes, spider rings, vamp teeth, a one way ticket to Heaven, juice boxes and the like. We hit a bit shy of half of the houses and cleaned up. The kids had to dump their goods into the wagon so they could continue on. David enjoyed saying "treat!" and "thanks!" to every passing adult. He thought the lights were just booeeful and I kinda loved watching him trot all over the place with his scarecrow hat bouncing. Letty turned to me at one point and said mommy everyone keeps telling me how beautiful I am! And that's because she was, my Dorothy. 

Even with all that sugar the kids were asleep not long after 9... Success in my book. Next year? Bring a flashlight because this development has no streetlights! The horror! And put glow sticks on the kids ankles or something so I can keep tabs on them easier. The traffic jams at a few of the houses caused a few sticky seconds here and there. And now I begin plotting for next year's matching costume. Any suggestions for three little kids? Matching is just the best.

Last year's Halloween here.



  1. Sooo cute! You and Matt should join the matching costumes next year too. Looks like the kids made out. Save the 3 musketeers and any twix bar you find for me please!

  2. very cute costumes on all of them. and lena - that face! great success if you ask me

  3. omg!! these are so precious!! and ummm I am obsessed with your death star belly!!!! i loved Star Wars as a kid [life with a brother?? I don't know but I like Star Wars more than my husband does which always has bothered me a little?] and anyway, that is genius. haha!! and I love that your entire family came trick or treating!!!

  4. Three little kids made me instantly think of three little pigs!

  5. Ok so the candy outside so people don't have to do the work...genius! I mean you do miss out on seeing the kiddos costumes, but seriously how easy!?! =)

    Love all the costumes!!

  6. Baby's!!! Baby's everywhere! I love it. Everyone looks so cute. And yes glow sticks are key, we have no street lights either so I picked up a few glow sticks at the dollar spot at Target :)

  7. "I slapped a print out of The Death Star onto my belly and walked around saying "that's no moon!" all night long." That was totally my idea when I had a nice bump during October and Chris just didn't appreciate the fun of it all.
    Oh gosh was stupidly dark. The rest of the parents had flashlights like smarties. Certainly on the list for next year.

  8. I know I'm late on this comment but I will say that since The Great Infertility news I have read this post like 18 times. The pictures, the joy, the DEATH STAR BELLY (so many lols) just put me in a happy place for some reason. Don't ever stop sharing.


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