an olsen thanksgiving

Last weekend was our Olsen Thanksgiving. Just like year's past, my in-laws and the four of us celebrate our Thanksgivings before the actual day. It suits us just fine. The fare is never traditional. The day itself is not traditional. But in my opinion you can have too much turkey so. This works out just fine, as I've said. We were only missing Matt's youngest brother, who lives out in the Pacific Northwest gallivanting around learning and doing other fun young and free things.

The three Olsen kids watched The Polar Express while the adults caught up on the goings on in each other's lives.  Matt's Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn came bearing good eats and gifts for the kids, just like a Thanksgiving Santa. Letty refers to them as The Beach House Peoples which I suppose isn't such an awful way to be remembered (but she does know their names she just likes to annoy me). Matt went slightly more traditional with the meal this year as opposed to past years, with a ham and corn and potatoes. Aunt Sue brought a recipe of olde, keeping past generations of Olsen women in our minds today. Well. One Olsen woman. There aren't many lady Olsens oddly enough. Uncle Glenn and David had their normal kindred spirit moments, sharing a bond so clearly demonstrated across their similarly shaped faces... and coloring... and sense of humor... pretty much everything. Baby Sydney tolerated us all from the comfort of a swing. And it was a good dinner.

The above photo? Yeah that was the first attempt. And the only. When in the history of family photos has that ever happened?

I just love how we do holidays with my in-laws. There's no stress. No two meals in one day thing. No switching between families year to year. Yup. Suits me just fine.



  1. First and only attempt at that fam pic?? That's incredible, totally have to frame that!!

  2. Love this post of course! We still haven't figured out how to mange being in three places at once and I've realized we probably never will.

    Great family picture btw! ;)

  3. Them there Olsens have got the right idea! I think this policy should be adopted by all families. Thanksgiving on one day with one side, then a second Thanksgiving with the other side. Brilliant! Which obviously you are.

  4. Yay for multiple celebrations. The polar express watching is bringing everything full circle if you ask moi

  5. That is a good way to do it! That's why we do Canadian Thanksgiving, then on Thanksgiving we just hop over to eat elsewhere. And, now I could go for some potatoes and ham. Yeah, I should add ham to the shopping list...


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