a preschool thanksgiving feast

Five fat turkeys were sitting on a fence. The first one said I'm soooo immense. The second one said I can gobble at you. The third one said I can gobble too... And so on and so forth. 

Last Friday was Letteria's first exposure into the great big wide scary world of public speaking, otherwise known her preschool's Thanksgiving Feast. She didn't know if she would be dressing up. She didn't know if she would be singing. She didn't know if she would be saying the above "Five Turkey" thing. She knew nothing, so she said. Come Friday we dropped her off at school to prepare and then drove David to my sister's before heading right back to the school, all full of nerves (Me. I was.). I brought my big girl camera and secured a seat in the second row. All ready and waiting.

Matt and I guessed there was probably close to 100 people in that audience. Quite the first time eh? The children quietly (!) filed out onto the stage in their Pilgrim hats or their Indian hats. They stood calmly on the risers looking from face to face until they saw the one or two faces that made it all okay. They each gave a tentative wave or a smile. The teachers mentioned something about bringing a crying student directly to their parents and Matt and I just knew it would be Letty. But it wasn't. Not a single little boy or girl cried. Can't say the same for the parents though. How can you not when they are up there in all their cuteness and shyness?

They sang a few songs, did a few hand motions, listened to a Thanksgiving story and then said a Thanksgiving prayer. One little boy kept asking loudly if he could run away. Another little girl was always the first to start the clapping. Letty didn't smile. She didn't respond in kind to my thumbs up. She participated which made my heart about burst even as it was breaking seeing her clear case of nerves. Such a strange thing, this parenting gig. The littlest things can set you off. I was so proud of her and yet wanting to protect her at the same time and it was just such a small little thing, this program. After the prayer they quietly (!) filed back out to get their backpacks and jackets. All the while staring at the many smiling faces from the audience. My face literally hurt from the smiling. I didn't want her to look at me and not see my joker smile, lest she not be reassured. It's all okay. Little one.
Note the little boy in the blue and white horizontal-striped shirt? Well I suppose you could say he is technically related to Letty, as he is Lena's cousin on her father's side. Growing up in Manheim I was always amazed at how everyone is related to everyone else. It truly wasn't an odd occurrence to hear oh that's my cousin! And that's my cousin too! Now Letty can kind of say the same thing... Roots. They are growing.

As the kids were gathering their belongings the parents headed to another building for the actual "feast". I had stopped listening to instructions (great example, I am), but thankfully Matt was there to direct me to the proper place mat color. She had made herself a place mat and two hand-print leaf magnets. The parents were all seated and waiting for the little Pilgrims and Indians to join us which they did quietly (!). While the feast wasn't my personal favorite, nor Letty's, it was quite a nice spread for a morning. And she was just the proudest. Mommy these are my friends! Mommy this is Mrs. Shearn! Mommy look! I made this! It was a good adorable event.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are surrounded by people who love you and that you eat far too much turkey and other such things. 

For nostalgic feelings, which I always have around the holidays here is last year's Thanksgiving as well as Thanksgivings past.