a holiday interview with a festive man

These are always fun to do. Get Matt liquored up and plague him with meaningless questions. And then make them all about the holidays to boot. Because I married a man who LOVES him some Christmas time. The Grinch he most certainly is.

What is your favorite thing about the holidays? What do you mean by holidays? (I mean now through New Years) I like Thanksgiving. That's my favorite holiday... Am I being recorded? I record everything in my profession. Is that going to make it on the blog? Uhm Christmas? I don't know why I don't like it. This year the kids are starting to realize Santa's a "thing" so I like that. 

Your least favorite? Remembering past Christmases. From my youth. Like laying on the ground opening gifts with my dad. (Well this took a turn to negative town real fast didn't it?)

What do you honestly think of all the Christmas decor and it's relatively early arrival? Haha I love it because I love you. I like it. It's another way to decorate the whole house. It's like seasons. I like seasons. Seasons are good.

Are you embarrassed when people come over and see what I've done? Maybe give it a couple weeks. And then no I wouldn't care. 

Where do you go in your head when you get in the van and the musical stylings of a festive Michael Buble are on yet again? I don't know. Ninth gate of hell? Haha I like him when he's with Jay-Z. I like him then. But not Christmas. Nah. Unless it is Ave Maria and I am watching Hitman. But I don't know if that makes sense. 

What's your favorite thing I make you do over the holidays? No fall activities. Pumpkins and apples I hate that. (Here is where I remind him I asked for his favorite) For Christmas it is that you make me go down one flight of stairs and carry up a bag with a tree and put it up. Because you used to make me drive to a tree farm. Ride a horse drawn wagon behind crapping horses. Cut down the tree myself. Tie the tree to my car. And then put the tree up. This is much better. 

Your least favorite activity? Dig out the fifty-three and a half boxes of decor and then drag them back down to storage. Other than that you don't make me do much. I just show up sometimes and watch the kids. 

You should have just hit record. I trust you not to paraphrase. Want to start over and hit record?

No thanks Matt. I have got mad typing skills. I think I've got this on lock down. ;)



  1. "i like seasons. seasons are good." god i love you guys :) i really really love convos with you two esp when one or all of us is mildly buzzed. it's the bestest :)

  2. bahahhaha i love it! and that is sad about christmas memories. i get emosh about my grandparents at christmas. bleh. but I really love the vision of riding a carriage to get a christmas tree! that sounds fabulous! was the pre-children? ;)

  3. I love this! And I'm so glad to see someone is on my side about this crazy holiday stuff!! Only because of Cruz will I decorate this year....and Laurie you should be ashamed of yourself...Christmas decor already?? Didn't October just end? Isn't another holiday in between the two?!?!


  4. What is it with the Olsen men being such grinches?! Haha

  5. Golly Gee he is a festive one! I like the bit about crapping horses.

  6. Baaahahah! A "wagon behind crapping horses"! Dying. That Mr. Olsen is a funny guy. Rather Grinchley, haha, but oh so funny. And a good sport about your November 1st holiday decorations. That is key. Pete grumbled at me Sunday because I had the Home Alone soundtrack on whilst I made soup.

  7. OMG! I LOVE THIS! How sweet of him to entertain us..thank him for me!!! ;)


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