walnut run farms. a field trip.

Monday was the first field trip of the year! Like a good mommy I enlisted our Nonna to watch David and signed up the van and and myself to help in any way. Okay and also because I wanted to see who Letty was friends with and part of me didn't want her riding in stranger's cars. Odd? No. I think not. 

The trip was to a local dairy farm. With cows. And manure, pronounced manoor, according to the Dairy Farm Princess. I tell no lies. We saw the cows get milked, where the milk goes, baby cows and their little houses, and we all got ice cream sandwiches with a side of dairy humor from the dear Princess. 

But all of that is an aside to my covert mission to spy on my daughter. 

- She has two nice little girlfriends, and I actually know their names now, even if she does not. They held hands and went everywhere together. From what I gather it was the Frozen dolls brought in the prior Friday that brought them together. Their mothers were very nice and that was a pleasant surprise, normally I don't do well meeting women. 
- The only downside being that both girls are almost five and won't even be in the same school district as Letty. 
- Letty does not participate. While she is well behaved and quiet she does not join in on any singing or games or raising of hands. She just watches. 
- She is the only girl in the entire class unable to write her name. Just her and one lone little boy are the two illiterate ones. I have only been trying to teach her her letters for her entire life. Perhaps these teachers will have better luck? 
- Cliques form at a very, very young age and it makes me very sad. I spent the car ride home attempting to explain about being inclusive and kind to all. I would put money on the fact that fell on deaf ears. 
- I didn't intend to only have photos of the backs of their heads but apparently Miss Claramae does not like posing for photos and so therefore neither do her new-found friends. 
- I am 31 and still worry about sticking out in a crowd. I was very self-conscious of the fact I stupidly wore flip flops and I left my camera in my car for fear of being the only mother with an enormous camera. I should have just done me. I wouldn't have been alone in that camera wielding anyways. Now I am left with iPhone images.

I kind of feel like this last picture is a preschool version of the ladies of Sex and the City. Will my daughter be a Carrie or a Charlotte? I was happy to see the Miranda up there join in with that group. She was the only girl there without her mommy so I felt bad. I take these things way too seriously. 

I should write a preschool soap opera. As The School Bus Wheel Turns....