walnut run farms. a field trip.

Monday was the first field trip of the year! Like a good mommy I enlisted our Nonna to watch David and signed up the van and and myself to help in any way. Okay and also because I wanted to see who Letty was friends with and part of me didn't want her riding in stranger's cars. Odd? No. I think not. 

The trip was to a local dairy farm. With cows. And manure, pronounced manoor, according to the Dairy Farm Princess. I tell no lies. We saw the cows get milked, where the milk goes, baby cows and their little houses, and we all got ice cream sandwiches with a side of dairy humor from the dear Princess. 

But all of that is an aside to my covert mission to spy on my daughter. 

- She has two nice little girlfriends, and I actually know their names now, even if she does not. They held hands and went everywhere together. From what I gather it was the Frozen dolls brought in the prior Friday that brought them together. Their mothers were very nice and that was a pleasant surprise, normally I don't do well meeting women. 
- The only downside being that both girls are almost five and won't even be in the same school district as Letty. 
- Letty does not participate. While she is well behaved and quiet she does not join in on any singing or games or raising of hands. She just watches. 
- She is the only girl in the entire class unable to write her name. Just her and one lone little boy are the two illiterate ones. I have only been trying to teach her her letters for her entire life. Perhaps these teachers will have better luck? 
- Cliques form at a very, very young age and it makes me very sad. I spent the car ride home attempting to explain about being inclusive and kind to all. I would put money on the fact that fell on deaf ears. 
- I didn't intend to only have photos of the backs of their heads but apparently Miss Claramae does not like posing for photos and so therefore neither do her new-found friends. 
- I am 31 and still worry about sticking out in a crowd. I was very self-conscious of the fact I stupidly wore flip flops and I left my camera in my car for fear of being the only mother with an enormous camera. I should have just done me. I wouldn't have been alone in that camera wielding anyways. Now I am left with iPhone images.

I kind of feel like this last picture is a preschool version of the ladies of Sex and the City. Will my daughter be a Carrie or a Charlotte? I was happy to see the Miranda up there join in with that group. She was the only girl there without her mommy so I felt bad. I take these things way too seriously. 

I should write a preschool soap opera. As The School Bus Wheel Turns....



  1. Girl I feel you on the being self conscious thing, it's so weird. Why?! When Nick started a new school this year I was so nervous, probably more nervous then he was. Would the other Mom's judge me? I had already been through this in Kindergarten, I of course was the youngest Mom in the group and I'm certain I was frowned upon for a long time. It took me a while to "fit in" I guess you could say. I felt like I was in high school again and always trying to prove I was good enough, I'd volunteer for everything, make a ridiculous amount of goodies for the classroom, arrange playdates.. you get the idea. I admit I was super nervous all over again going into a new school with Nick. I'm also certain I was JUDGED all over again. But a funny thing happened.. Maybe it could be the fact that I'm maturing, but I just didn't care. I know I'm a good Mom. (heck, probably a better one that half of those out there) I don't need to prove myself to his teachers or the other parents. I'll just do what I do, give me son too many hugs in public, continue to speak my opinions and not care what people think, do or say..and if it might even mean me lugging around that huge DSLR camera to every school event. Take the big camera next time momma! Those pictures are for YOU and your family to remember, not anyone else..if they look at you weird just smile and say your a photographer;)

  2. Funny that as women the need to fit in seems to never leave us. I have been there too... as above Laurie has mentioned, as time has gone by I def care less now. Being a mother is the one thing in my life I have never questioned and I wont let anyone make me start. I am freaking good at it, as you obviously are with your blog and everything you try to do and be for your kids. Its clear they are really happy kids. I think if Letty is the type who stands back and watch others it means shes actually the smarter one.. just taking it all in and obviously too mature for songs and clapping and hand raising LOL. I about freaking spit my coffee out across the room when you referred to her as Miss Claramae LOL

  3. aw this! i know i can't relate bc i'm not a mom but fitting in is something i get. at least you ripped the proverbial bandaid off with that field trip now you can hopefully feel better next time. getting along with moms seems like it'd be a tough thing though!

  4. So sweet! Love the pics of them holding hands! OMG!

  5. i love this SO MUCH. because one, that would be my reasoning exactly for going on the field trip. and i believe you know that. ;) and girl, do you. wear them flipflops!!!!! and camera it up! unless you don't want to. sometimes i just feel like going iphone. and bless miranda's heart without her mommy!! oh also, TOTES feel letty's stance on participation, that was me, too!!

  6. "But all of that is an aside to my covert mission to spy on my daughter..." haha love this! You are so good at making a childs field trip to a cow farm funny and interesting :) So cute Letty holding the other little girls hands...looking forward to more preschool soap opera posts. ;)

  7. Laurie.....you will always fit in just by being the wonderful person you are. And Letty will be the same. She is just sitting back and observing and learning. Someday she will find out what makes her happy and be as special as her mom. Leader or follower...either way it is good! She is finding her way now and will continue to find her way for many years to come.

  8. Argh....I can totally relate to everything on this dang post....well except I don't have a girl. Buuuut I'm just so scared of mean kids and mean people or even worse if my kid ever decided to be one of those mean people I would just freak. And don't get me started on bullies or other people's kids....Always something to worry about.

    But I think Letty looks like the sweetest little girl and I'm totally loving your SATC reference. That is exactly what I envision when I look at that.

  9. Yes, be you! No need to change for the preschool crowd! I am the youngest mom in Ace's preschool class by at least 5 years, and probably the least involved as far as volunteering, and class participation. With the other two kiddos attached at the hip it makes it hard, and since I haven't reached the comfort level of a babysitter yet I know Ace sometimes misses out on things. But he doesn't seem to mind. I am not at all okay with someone else driving Ace on field trips so he has missed a few of those since some won't allow me to bring siblings. It's all a learning game, for kids and parents. It's the first forced interaction for everyone, so next time I say bring the big camera and a coffee :) Oh and I can't get over the lady with the megaphone!!


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