three times an aunt!

Miss Mikayla Rae joined the world on October 9th, first thing in the morning. She weighed a spot on 7 pounds and is quite beautiful. Mommy is doing well and was resting while I snagged my newest precious niece. And my baby brother? He's going to make the best daddy. If only we could figure out a way to stop the sweating. I think she looks like her mommy and her mommy's side of the family right now. But I know that babies change so quickly. By my next visit she could be the spitting image of Robbie. It's such fun to watch and to guess. And with parents like hers, Mikayla will have no problems in the looks department. Welcome to the family Mikayla! We love you so!

This final picture here gives me all kinds of feelings. I am just so lucky to have gotten three healthy, perfect nieces this year and so thankful that they are so. And how lucky are these two little ladies? Ten weeks apart and destined to be quite the little twosome. I can't wait to watch them grow together.

We have started ourselves quite a tradition now. Lena was born a day after my birthday. Now Mikayla a day after Matt's birthday.... ipsofacto... Dominic will be born a day after my sister's birthday, which is December 21. And while I do have quite the busy month of December I can deal with the 21st. That means I won't miss Letty's Christmas program nor would I miss Christmas. So. Okay Dom? Got that memo? Good.