Black cats. Walking under ladders. Are those the things people have superstitions about these days? Personally they don't faze me... I even had a black cat a time or two. Little cutie. Ironically his name was Dominic and he was (possibly is to this day) a real asshat. Let's hope Dominic II (the human) will have his father's personality. KNOCK ON WOOD.

But other superstitions? I've got em. Sure enough.

1. Matt hates the time 11:11. He feels like more often than not when he looks at a clock it is 11:11. He's read all kinds of theories on the internet about what that means, and probably most of them have to do with aliens or The Matrix (because, it's like, real man).  I've started to notice a similar occurrence regarding the time... I think it's just some internal pull towards the clock around that time every day. But I still notice it. I have started addressing the clock. Oh! 11:11! It's you again! That must mean _______ is in the room. And I insert the name of a deceased relative. I won't allow myself to in any way fear a silly little time but I will always make it a time to remember a lost loved one. Why not right?

2. Ladybugs! I once read that when you see an animal or an insect in an odd place or doing something odd that that is a deceased loved one popping by for a visit. I'm not sure I believe that anyone I love would be hanging out as a ladybug per se... but whenever I see one crawling by on my windowsill or land somewhere near by I use it as a time to send up a little mental hello and an I miss you to those people that very well could be popping by to chat. Who knows really. Letty thinks you get to heaven by car. I mean, maybe she's on to something. And maybe she isn't. 

3. Bad things come in three's. Even writing that down makes me anxious. Whether it's a death or an accident or a falling out with a family member, I have seen "bad" things happen in threes time and time again. I should debunk this silly little superstition because I hate it so... always waiting for the other ax to fall and what not. Someone please debunk it for me.

4. A few items have popped into mind that I can't quite decide if they are superstitions or just my OCD behavior... Needing to end on an even number for one. Checking on the children every time I wake up during the night for fear the one time I won't something will be amiss. Staring at a blown out candle till I count to five to assure myself the flame is in fact, out. OCD right? 

Deep cleansing breath.... and.... moving on...

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary! Ever the romantic (wink wink), I'm one to spout my love from the rooftops as often as I can. And I actually did something like that here. There are just heaps and gads of superstitions around weddings. Some that I did buy in to? Something old, something borrowed and something blue (the last two were one in the same, with an embroidered handkerchief carried by every woman in my family on their wedding day, a few generations running). I wore a veil, just not over my face. We didn't see each other on the day of prior to rounding that corner at the ceremony. It rained on our wedding day and thumbs up to that! I also cried and cried a whole bunch. Big ridiculous streaming down your face tears. All those superstitions, regardless of their legitimacy, seem to be paying off so far. The day itself (and the week and months prior) might not have gone off without a hitch but when the sun set on that October 28th we were married. And eight years later, we still are... and happy to boot! I kind of love you Matt. And Happy Anniversary!

Our wedding day here. How we became a two-some here.

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  1. I have a ton of superstitions and dan always blames it on the Italian in me lol.
    Happy anniversary guys!

  2. Crazy!!!! I always heard ladybugs were good luck! I had 3 land on my car the day my husband proposed to me and another land on it the day I found out I was pregnant! Your theory gives this a whole other meaning! Creepy! lol

  3. i have heard ladybugs are good luck too. make a wish! also with 11:11. because angels. i guess i'm choosing to believe the good. but that bad things come in three's um yes that is so real and freakin terrible. also you put it third on the list and that made me anxious. just saying.

    and lastly - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 8 years seems like just yesterday. we were babies then. wild. tres happy for you both! xo

  4. I've never heard of number 2, It's a really cute superstition though :) And bad things definitely happen in 3's - I think most people have probably had experience of that!

  5. Still laughing about the fact that you said asshat...hahaha!!! My hubby and I say it all the time. And I definitely believe that bad things come in threes...I can't believe I forgot to add that one to my list!

  6. YES! I also think bad things comes in three's!


  7. First off, Happy Anniversary!! So what's the deal with the crying superstition? I refused to cry because I'm an ugly crier so I laughed through my entire wedding.

  8. My time is 3:33. So weird. Happy anniversary you two!

  9. happy anniversary, you lovebirdies!!!! oooh, i haven't heard of a lot of those wedding superstitions! or, maybe just the crying one, i haven't!! i am glad you guys didn't see each other before the ceremony. :) we didn't either, but so many people do now that it makes me happy when people keep the tradition!!

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I think I am only superstitious about things with Chris. Like when he goes to the field for days or weeks, I won't wash or pick up the last thing he wore or left on the floor. Or if he calls to leave a message I never listen to it until after I talk to him and find out what it says. LOL. So crazy.

  11. hm I dont think I have any. I'd more call it OCD quirks. Checking locks on the repeat.
    An old friend of mine loved the 11:11 time.
    But, the bad in threes thing is annoying. More looking for bad than anything.

  12. Hope you two had an amazing anniversary! All the wedding day ones apply to me as well. Except the crying, I only cried once. Oddly, it was in the receiving line when Scott's aunt was congratulating us. I had only met her a couple days before because they live in England. Which makes it weird but it is what it is. Sometimes you just connect with people.

    Also, I WISH I could debunk 3 for you but I am a true believer.


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