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pumpkin picking '14


We are a family mostly full of grown ups. And yet we still pick pumpkins every year. This year the only difference being more of the adults have children (inside and out) than in prior years. The weather for the past weekend was looking a little touch and go with a chance of rain which was quite disheartening for our pumpkin plans. Thankfully to the fates that be, we found ourselves with six adults on a Friday afternoon with availability. We were only missing our Nonna and our Fitzs (which leaves quite a big void to be sure). It wasn't raining and so we jumped at it, only missing the hayride since it was a weekday afterall...

Where else do we go to pick things but Cherry Hill?

David thought that every pumpkin was THE pumpkin for him. Letty just wanted to sit on them and pose very prettily. There are still two incubating babies left but one is due to arrive any day (today? is today the day?). David hated the idea of a family photo as one can see, however his adorable little cousin cooperated just fine. Three words: Candy. Corn. Hat. 

After we found our few pumpkins large and small we paid the $6.30 and heading towards the market which is where the real money is spent. Whoopie pies and cookies and Apple cider for all. Except Rob who just bought engineered apples. They were bigger than Lena's head those apples. 

We were missing some very important people and a hayride, but at least we got to go. On a very fall-like day to boot. And I feel like I have to say... look how much changes in a year! It's amazing what can happen.



  1. 1- Kids and pumpkins and baby bellies make for the best photos ever. 2-I cant belive Ashley is due any day, she looks great... Her face doesn't look like it changed one bit. 3- Robs arms look like they may burst out of his shirt lol 4-OMG I love that group picture!! Its perfect!!!!!!!

  2. oh and Elena is perfect. Beth looks like a natural :)

  3. so many babies inside and out! true story. and the group photo is adorbs. and you look fab as you know that i know that you know :)

  4. So much fun!!!! What beautiful pictures!

  5. Great pictures! All the kids/babies/bumps look so cute :)

  6. love love loooove! I can't wait for us to do this too. your bell looks so cute!!! and your hair, beautiful. almost as beautiful as david's ;) just kidding, obviously your babies have good hair genes!!!

  7. I love your owl shirt!!! You are the cutest, I knew there was a reason we were friends;) So many baby bumps, so much cuteness, love all of it!! Pumpkin picking is my favorite thing to do and we haven't done it yet.. maybe this weekend?!

  8. I love these pictures, such good family fun! And I am jealous of your pumpkin patch, you would laugh at what they call a "patch" here in Alaska. Pathetic!

  9. Ok, this comment will be in list form.

    1. That belly. That owl shirt. So. Much. Cute.
    2. Whoopie pies!? More whoopie pies? Is this a Pennsylvania thing?? If so I am even more excited at the thought of moving there.
    3. I don't trust adults who don't pick pumpkins. It ain't right.

  10. I so need to get my butt out to the pumpkin patch. ASAP. I think time is running out. Beautiful family. Love the pics. :)


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