it's frozen!!!!!!

Frozen on Ice, that is. Many months ago, not long after we moved into the new house, my father purchased three tickets to see this spectacle of Disney wonders for my mother, myself, and Letteria. We have been counting down ever since. Last Thursday evening was finally the evening and Thursday day was quite possibly the longest day I have ever spent with my daughter. As follows:

Is it time for D go nigh nigh?
Can I wear my Anna dress?
What time is it?
How many more minutes?
Can we have tubby now?
Where is Nonna?
What time is it?
How many more minutes?
Can we pllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase leave now?

And so on and so forth. Letty decided on Anna dress, Anna hair, but Elsa doll, because Elsa is her favorite (even though we do have the Elsa dress and I can do the Elsa hair...Details. I'm glad she chose the Anna dress though because 98% of the other girls were in Elsa. Way to be you Letty.).

The hours of 2-4 p.m. were particularly hard with a time check every five minutes. But we pushed through and our departure time arrived and off we went to get our Nonna and our dinner and then to the Giant Center. Where we waited. Again. Doors don't open till 6 p.m. after all. Just enough time for me to wonder if we may be trampled... or if the entire world owns an Elsa dress... or how much in fact would I be willing to spend on one of those Elsa dolls? The answer to that last question is not the $36 advertised price.

And then they opened up the gates (see what I did there?)! We found our way calmly to our oh so special seats directly on the ice (thank you Poppop), where we waited some more. It was cold down there. It is time for the flip-flops to be retired till Spring, I am aware. Nonna treated Letty to a very magical wand, complete with two year warranty! And then the questions began again. How many more minutes? What time is it? Etc. There is only so much emoticon texting to her father that a four year old can survive when Frozen is involved. Am I right?  

I just loved the opening sequence. So many princesses, and many of our favorites, came skating out and stood right in front of us. You could smell the sweat!

And then it began. What we had been waiting for for months. Every little girl in the entire United States of the Americas dream... Apparently.

Seeing her face was pretty much the most exciting thing for me. She takes her Frozen very seriously. And after our disappointment at not meeting them in Disney in the Spring I'm just thrilled she got to see them so up close and personal.

Hearing the thousands of little girls singing Let It Go was honestly the coolest thing. I could have done without the literal screams of crazed fans, but hey. Frozen is The Beatles of this generation. Looking around the room seeing nothing but Elsa dresses and blinking lights... through the snow? Yup. They put on a good show. And that snow monster!

Letty went to bed singing Frozen and woke up singing Frozen. She said she even dreamt of Frozen. And who can blame her? Thank you so so much to my parents for treating us to this. The things memories are made of.