five things on this fine friday

ONE. Letty has started saying such things as: that's awesome! I have an excellent idea! I love Liam and I will marry him! and Dutch Wonderland (as opposed to Dutch Wee). What used to be my cute four year old with eccentric sayings and mispronunciations is now an attitude driven teenager. And I'm left scratching my head. Where did she go? She even writes (!).

TWO. Speaking of ch-ch-ch-changes, David no longer mispronounces truck. The hilarity level has gone down a notch around these parts. Good thing we still have bulldodoze and mororcycle. And then hey! fop! Which he was saying over and over again to my 90 year old Grammy as she was breaking out in spontaneous song like she tends to do from time to time. The song was this. And David was all like, hey! fop! Which made my mom and I laugh a little, and thankfully Grammy didn't hear him. But David, darling, you just can't fop Grammy when she get's a bee in her bonnet to sing. 

THREE. On a more dramatic note, of course because I am one for dramatics, ISIS, Ebola, Enterovirus D68. All reasons why I don't read the news. And in other equally pressing news my hands are beginning to crack from all the washing I've been doing. At least I smell like Pumpkin Cupcakes, if that's such a thing, which according to good ole B&B, it is. I am focusing on filling the kids with vitamins and covering sneezes and lots of water and failing miserably. David? Meet PediaSure. Your new best friend. I'd prefer you ate anything of value, but if you refuse this will have to do I suppose.

FOUR. The Hunt For Red October Quality Leggings is on. I have pairs from Target, Forever 21, Old Navy Maternity, Motherhood Maternity and Kohl's alllll on deck. Hashtag the struggle is real. I'm sure one day I'll write a giant ode to my quest for the perfect legging... But for now, I Don Quixote on.

FIVE. We are heading towards The Cape (don't I sound all sorts of pretentious) this weekend and I packed a ginormous suitcase that once traveled with me to Italy for two weeks. TWO weeks. Or in this particular case, three days. Kids demand that much stuff on the road. If New England and Fall and leaves are your "things" you can follow our journey on Instagram

Linking up with Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha on this lovely Friday. Annnnd have a great weekend!



  1. aw i'm sad david says truck correctly now. at least i got to witness that in action :) and who wouldn't want to smell like pumpkin cupcakes? seriously :)

  2. No more mispronunciation of truck :( time flies way fast! I love these photos - miss you guys and your kiddy winks x

  3. omg! I love when little girls decide who they will Marry when they are little too cute!

  4. go letty! let that sass fly girl! i love ittttt. and nooo, i hate when the babes stop mispronouncing things!!! maddalena has been pronouncing coffee with ff's instead of ss's lately and it makes my heart break. no i don't want coffee! i want cossee! just like old times! and oooooh, i am wearing my old navy maternity leggings right now. i have yet to stop wearing them, ever. only thing is when i had an actual pregnant belly i HATED the belly panel thing up so i roll it down like yoga pants and they are my favs. i have yet to get a decent pair from target, but i've never tried their materns. my fav leggings don't come in matern, either, so you should try nordstrom's zella legging once that dom baby is out and snuggling! and yes i'm saying matern like it's normal, i don't know, i just need to right now.

  5. Oh, Letty getting so grown up. Great pics here, again. :) Hope you have a awesome weekend at The Cape!

  6. sad when they no longer mispronounce things in a funny way! I was so sad the day my cousin found out that girl is not actually pronounced "girla"

  7. I was sad when Aria had no problem with the t of truck. t-ruck.

    New England, fall, and leaves! Yup sure are.


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