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I am a comfort kind of gal. Fall to me is comfort. My wardrobe during the cooler months usually leans towards leggings and something stretchy and not at all itchy. I'll top it all off with my Hunter boots 9 1/2 times out of 10 and call it a day. Ready for anything, those boots. 

Top|| c/o eShakti. Skinny Jeans|| Target. Boots|| Target.

This is my first fall and winter pregnancy and so with that comes a few changes to the regular repertoire. Leggings that normally would cover things tend to be a tad more opaque. Although I'm working on the whole maternity legging situation (any recommendations?). In the meantime lies the glory of the maternity jean. Two words. Stretchy waistbands. 

I love how pregnancy fashion has changed even from my first only four short years ago. The tent isn't it anymore. And in fact with the invasion of the tunic in my world the maternity department it need not be from. Yoda, I am.

This top? Maternity it is not. It's from this wonder of a site, eShakti. Gorgeous stuff they have there. My inner Betty Draper was really loving quite a few dresses for the future Laurie for sure. I chose this top because I wanted something I could wear both in the now and in the later. Best part? Customization. eShakti allows you to enter in your exact measurements for any piece you choose. Since my body is a changing wonderland I just customized such fun things as sleeve length and tunic length. And of course pockets! Had to have the pockets. How fun is that? I got to let my inner designer come out and play for a bit. And obviously I went wild.

I couldn't be more pleased with this top. It'll fit the bump. It'll fit... What's left.... After. It's a comfortable and high-quality fabric and it was delivered super promptly. In other words, great experience through and through. 

Now if only I could swing leggings that would magically mold to my before and after hiney.

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