farm show in manheim

The Farm Show in Manheim. It comes but once a year. This year, living only down the street from it, we popped by numerous times for quick visits. There are your tractors. Your corn kernel tables... your animals... your fair food. It's also a lovely opportunity to run into old teachers and past classmates who you haven't seen nor spoken to in 13 years. Which if you are like me is more likely to bring on anxiety than any other emotion. I prefer day time visits to night time visits any day of the week. And those vanilla milkshakes? I've had three. I even shared. My niece found the Farm Show to be just so-so. There is always next year! But let's not rush it. I've kind of had my fill of corn kernel tables and tractor climbing for.... ever.

And as always, last year's visit to the farm show found here.