fall festival at skh

I personally feel that there should be more free family fall activities locally. Am I right? So when my sister discovered this little gem for me God only knows where I instantly scoured my calendar for a free morning to make it work.

There is a local chain of grocery stores slash garden centers called Stauffers of Kissel Hill (it's easy for youuu) and they had two weekends of what they call their Fall Festival. Matt was moving again this particular day, although this time he was assisting my uncle and not his, so I was a single mother yet again. It's my cross to bear for having a kind husband who offers to move I suppose. We were joined this time by friends of ours from college (yes we do have actual friends from our actual college) and their almost one year old twins. This friend from college also happens to be a photographer. You may remember he took my sister's wedding photos? Well he did. And really, lucky us. I've included a few (six to be exact) favorites that he sent me from this adventure:

You should check out Whitcomb Photography. You may even see a picture or two of Letty when she was a toddler... And as always thank you Chris for taking pictures of my children. And Jill for making him get them to me faster than the speed of light.

Moving on.

Despite an awkward start due to the fact no one was there but us and we needed more signage it turned out to be quite a fun little event. They had a corn kernel table complete with rakes. A hay bale maize. Three holes of mini-golf (a first for my two and I fear we may have created monsters there). Pumpkins that could be painted and a hayride. We gave those Whitcombs a tiny glimpse of their future with a child who walks. And is at great flight risk. How do we feel about leashes guys? And the entire thing was free free free. 

And on that note! Till next year Fall Festival you!



  1. Free is my favourite word!!! I'm with you the more the better. I want a corn kernel bin! I wonder how many things of popcorn I'd have to buy...
    We have the same kitty shirt that Letty is wearing! Twinsies. We mini golfed for my bday at Disney and omg was it the hardest mini golf we've ever done. Aria was a handful. And another. And ended up soaked from the water bits at the end. We are definitely waiting a bit for our next mini gold adventure.

  2. love that. it looks super cool for a free place too. and let me just say that yet again your kids have the cutest outfits. do you think letty's vest comes in my size? nix that, i'll look like a marshmallow ha

  3. How fun!!! LOVE his little skeleton tie shirt! So precious!

  4. This comment will also be in list form. I think I'm feeling list-y today.

    1. David, next to that corn stalk. That face. That composition. That skeleton shirt! This photo should be framed in everyone's house. It's that cute.

    2. I think I need a corn kernel table in my house. Who can I speak to about this?

    3. I asked for festival photos and Laurie has delivered gloriously. Thank you to Whitcomb Photography.

    4. Look at Letty on that enormous pumpkin!

  5. Such cute pictures, and free fun is where it is at!!! I wish I could find some of that in my life ;)

  6. Yes, more free fall stuff please! That shirt of D's steals my heart. Adorable. Such a fun day!


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