facts. a few facts.

Some of you have been here since the beginning... and other's have just happened upon this post and this blog today for the first time I would wager. Some of these facts are commonly known and some I'm sure are only known to Matt or my mother, and some of these are just ridiculous. Like my love of all things pirate-related. But facts they are.

1. At least I think these are facts because sometimes a story sticks in my mind for years only to be discovered to in fact be false. This is in fact, a fact.
2. I already worry about my sons leaving me when they are older. You have a daughter you have her for life you have a son until he takes a wife. Or some such nonsense as that. Case in point: Matt.
3. I don't like movies that star Denzel Washington. Blame He Got Game. Although Philadelphia is quite amazing.
4. The first time I traveled internationally I was 13 and it was to Italy. I have never been the same since.
5. I used to think being a toll booth worker was quite an interesting profession.
6. I really did not want to change my name when we got married. Trovato has such a better ring to it than Olsen eh?
7. I do not know my multiplication tables.
8. I was born on 8-3-83. For someone who has difficulty remembering dates this was most helpful. Thankfully my daughter was born on 8 plus 2 equals 10 and my son at the 7-11 two years after his sister. My brain is a web of mystery.
9. I did not know how to French Braid until 2014.
10. I have coffee at least three times a day. I am from New York.
11. I am sarcastic, loud, and bratty. I am most fun.
12. I sleep with the ceiling fan on every single night and I have for as long as I have had a ceiling fan.
13. I am one of four children. Boy girl, boy girl.
14. My first alcoholic beverage was a sip of a wine cooler when I was 14 and at the beach with a girlfriend of mine. I was guilt-ridden for the longest time but did not tell my parents. I just decided I would not sip again..... until I was out of high school.
15. I have a tactile issue with clothing and tags and anything itchy. Sweaters make me run for the hills.
16. I can type approximately 91 wpm. You can find out your speed here.
17. The first time I thought I saw a ghost was when a Barbie fell off my bed when I was 4. Gravity. Ghost. Same difference.
18. When I first met Matt he had a girlfriend. One he had for a really long time.
19. We see my parents and sister and her family on average 4 times a week. Sometimes more.
20. I have five tattoos. And my dad hates that.
21. First words when I saw Letty: Thank God she is white. First words when I saw David: My God he stinks. The first because Letty was conceived via IUI and Matt joked for 9 months that the paperwork had the name "Juan" on it. And the second because birth is gross and it was true.
22. I get heart palpitations when the kids dump out a bin of toys.
23. I prefer red wine to white wine and that is because of my grandmother.
24. Speaking of my grandmother, when I used to leave her to head back to PA I would cry. Not just one single tear I am talking a sobbing hysterical mess until at least the PA turnpike. This continued until I was in high school.
25. I have moved 6 times. Two of those across state lines.
26. I do not cook nor do I do the grocery shopping. Husband Jackpot Winner since 2006.
27. I love diamond jewelry but rarely change what I'm wearing. I even sleep in my diamond hoops. It can't be helped.
28. I played field hockey and I was absolutely terrible at it. Loved the skirts. But an athlete I am not.
29. When not growing a child I prefer to sleep on my stomach with my face smushed into three pillows. At least.
30. I love lists!

And there you have it. Thirty completely useless facts about yours truly. ;)

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  1. good job thinking of 30 things! i'm terrible at those things. 21 and 22 made me laugh. and i think i knew them all. was it a contest? perhaps to me :)

  2. Wow! I had trouble coming up with15 but your list is great! So great that you're close to your sister and her family and you get to see them all the time!

  3. I am with you on the coffee!!! And I too suck at multiplication!!!

  4. haha I STILL can't french braid. I'm lucky if I can get a regular braid to turn out nicely. lol!

  5. I sleep with the ceiling fan on every night, too!

  6. I don't like movies with Nicholas Cage. He plays the same role in every movie. I blame Wicker Man.

  7. Oh I am with you on the dumping of toys. The sound makes me nauseous! Especially Legos, ugh the Legos!

  8. Ok there is just far too much fun to comment on with this post...I love these kinds of posts!

    I like your last name now, but agree your maiden name is more fun. (Don't tell Matt)

    I love that Matt realized you were a much better catch than that other broad.

    I never thought about the son thing, but thanks, now I am and I'm a bit sad thinking about Cruz leaving me. Guess I need to just turn into one of those crazy moms so he can't!

    Oooh five tattoos? Where and what?

    Ok I could go on and on but just know I learned even more about you with this post....and I still like ya.

  9. Ha, such a fun post. I love ones like this.
    Man, I could not wait to change my name - from Payne. My gosh the jokes. My Italian friend went from Iuculano to Wilbur...so in my opinion I think you got the better end of the stick.
    I hate toys that have pieces. Blocks, little people, puzzles.

  10. iiiii love this, i love posts like these! i'm planning to do some of my own soon so that should be fun. ;) okay anyway: i didn't wanna change my last name either when i got married!!!!!!! i seriously miss people asking how to pronounce my last name. i love being a scioscia. but i am a terrible feminist ;) and yes coffee, yesss red wine, yes belly sleeping when not preg and not squeezed into your toddlers bed, and you are lucky you have a cooking husband!!!! mine loves to cook but doesn't want to even have to think about his own food during the work week so it's all up to me and i don't love cooking, whoops.


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