episode iv: happy hauntings returns

Happy Hauntings comes but once a year. For three spooky weekends that is. This weekend past was the first of the three. Most of the same rides are open, there are corn stalks everywhere, and it is a bit chillier. They have a Trick-or-Treat Trail available where the kids get a few choice pieces of candy and the parents can get one. Piece. This year the Trail was back through Exploration Island and the costumes were more cutesy than scary. And the dinos also got in on the fun. Which was cute. Lots of cute.

Letty surveyed her dress up station prior to departure and deemed it to be a Sofia the First day, complete with Sofia shirt and matching socks. David took one look at the available boy's dress up items and ran for the door with an emphatic no. I brought his conductor hat... but he decided to be a conscientious objector. Going to be a great Halloween yes? 

It was pretty busy for the Olsens, so we didn't stay too long. Just enough to go on a few of our favorite rides and hightail it out of there with Red Robin on the brain. Maybe we will make it back for a night-time viewing. Spooky at night, that Happy Hauntings.

Last year's first Happy Hauntings visit here.



  1. ha these are too cute. those dinosaurs look funny w/ the wigs but the weirdest is that minion kid looking at david. ha. miss those kiddos!

  2. So cute!!! Looks like a great time!

  3. The dinos! I love them! I want them! I like the photo bombing kid..is he suppose to be a minion? I see he has no problems with the candy portion of the event. Costumes are totally for the weak though.

  4. Looks like so much fun! And David on the train...I mean so cute. I love all of Letty's dress up outfits.

  5. Too bad it was so busy. Looks like a fun time! :)

  6. GIRL! You seriously have all.the.fun. with your kiddos! This places looks amazing!

    I just can't tell if the kids had fun... =)

  7. Looks like a blast!!

    (catching up with past posts)


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