On the chalkboard: I have such issues with Fall chalkboards. I just really want to change it all the time like during Christmas but all my ideas are Halloween related. It's a real problem, I know. I saw this quote from Anne of Green Gables and it just fit the bill if you know what I mean.
Reading: Or more likely... What am I not reading. Normally I'm a one book at a time kind of gal. But unfortunately here I have gotten sucked in and Outlander and Brittany are to blame. I was happily enjoying Mrs. Kennedy and Me because well, history and the Kennedy's and I am kind of a sucker for those topics. And then I heard about Outlander and the new Starz show and so I bought the first book to test the waters. Got hooked. Loved the show. Ordered the next six books. While waiting for that amazing package to arrive I couldn't exactly go back to Kennedy because I was in 18th century Scotland and perfectly happy there. So I figured I could start Marked because Tabitha liked it and I tend to agree with her about most things. But before long my six books arrived and with it all sense of propriety abandoned me. Back to Jamie and Claire I went. I downed the second book in a matter of days, which if you've read it, you'll understand why. Voyager is the third in the series. I will eventually finish what I have started. I will. But first things first. 
Watching with Matt: Man. Of. Steel. This guy? He is quite easy on the eyes. It makes me feel old when I remember that he once played young Albert Mondego...

Eating: Chips chips. No good can come of this. 
Drinking: Tea. All the tea. We are going through about a gallon a day. Oh yes. We have a problem. 

Planning: On Matt doing another project. The paint around the front door is chipping. And it does nothing to class up the joint. Unfortunately we don't actually have the paint. So we must find the closest match we can. Big things. Big but necessary things.

Thinking about: We have got a little weekend trip planned for late October. And it heads, guess where? New. England. Cape Cod to be exact. What to do and where to eat and what to see, (leaves changing, obviously) all things on my mind.
Watching on the treadmill: I bounce back and forth between The Good Wife season 5 and The Real Housewives of NJ season 2. I know what this season brings Mrs. Florrick and yet I continue on. And NJ? Well it's just mindless fun that's why. 

As I type this: David is as usual furthering his education through YouTube videos. And smiling. Always smiling.