corn cob acres '14

October may have arrived but those of us here in Central PA on Saturday last were not privy to such information. The high was set to be 80 degrees. And our destination was to be Corn Cob Acres, a slight temperature difference from last year's visit. Matt was assisting his uncle in a house move so I was Single Mom for the day. Until Mark arrived with my sister wife. I went an hour or so earlier than the Fitzs assuming the worst of David and his 4:45 a.m. wake up time and nap correlation as well as figuring in the sum of $22 for our admission (David was free because he turns two in a few weeks. Ahem). 

During the first hour we went through a corn maze complete with faux spiders and bat cave. We went down the jack-o-lantern slide. Bounced on a rubber pillow. Climbed assorted hay bails 837 times. Dug around in a giant mass of corn kernels. And threw rocks. For the small admission fee of $12 you too can throw assorted rocks. David has also decided he will not under any circumstances, pose for a photo. No. Thank. You. If I got one it was only because I was quick or I took 30.

And then our Fitzs came. And I breathed a giant sigh of relief. Going places like this with the Fitzs is a seamless event. We have it down to a science. Words aren't necessary, I know if I walk away to chase David that she will watch Letty. I know if David ignores me he sure as hell will come running to Uncle Mark. Things are just more fun for us all when they are around. The kids have each other and the adults have each other and it's as it should be. And I can do things like go to the potty if I have too. The thought of a port-a-john with two kids was making me have nervous phantom full bladder pains all morning

The kids road the barrel train and jumped on the pillow again. They did various dune buggies and duck races as well as sling-shot activities. Liam and Letty have officially declared their love for each other and agreed that they will be married one day. I'm okay with it. I know Letty would have some pretty awesome in-laws.

And we were crispy. The crowds were starting to grow and our skin was becoming a bit red, so it was time to head home. I think I prefer this place when it actually feels like Fall. It felt quite odd to come home and turn the air conditioning on but if you were as hot and cranky as the three of us were you would understand. 

October. Bring us Fall. Please?