cape cod ii: towers and beaches oh my

Our first full day in Cape Cod was slated to be more of the same, weather-wise. Which is just fine for me. I think I'm still used to the foggy, windy, gray days. Although what I had forgotten was just how much colder that same wind can be on the coast versus say in the parking lot of the hotel. I guess as a child the cold air just blows right on by you and bothers you not at all. Thankfully, I came prepared.

Our first item on the agenda was First Crush Winery. My sister had found it and thought it sounded pretty cool, especially since the owner's name was Dominic and as you know I'm partial to that name. We drove the 15 minutes down the highway and pulled into an industrial park. I stayed firmly planted in the van and Matt reluctantly went to the door under the only sign with my sister and brother-in-law. And apparently, he could not have been more pleasantly surprised. They got a tasting and a tour and a lovely chat with Mister Dominic himself. It was right up Matt's alley as a semi-retired wine maker. Maybe it will bring back the spirits?

That was the younger generation's turn and then it was my mother's. Off to an antique mecca she went while Matt and I took the kids to the Scargo Tower. Or as Letty referred to it, Rapunzel's Tower. It was frigid and windy but there were steps and no one else was around. The kids ran around and around and up and down and peaked over the edge and stared at the waves.

After that was out of our system we surveyed the map for another nearby location that could be used to occupy the children rather than torment any antique shoppers. Corporation Beach fit the bill, as it was just down the road and free and outside. It was a gorgeous beach complete with choppy waves from the departing storm.

After picking up my mother from her wares-of-olde shopping, we headed back into Hyannis to meet my brother and his friend for lunch. Had I not mentioned he was also to be in Cape Cod? He was only passing through on his way out to Nantucket but he had just enough time before his boat to meet us at the British Beer Company for some well, beers, and some tasty food. And Mumford. Okay and crayons, always crayons.

The day just keeps on going does it not? We had a plan, my sister and I. The days were booked chock full of fun activities. The Pilgrim Monument was our next target, way up on the very tippy top of the hook, about an hour from our hotel. It was a 220 foot tall tower. And we climbed it. Me, The Belly, Colton, Matt and the kids. Up and up we went. And then down and down we went. I'm sure on a clearer day the view would have been quite something, but as it was I thought it was something to see.

Lastly we visited Truro Vineyards. The tasting was longer and more expensive than the drinking parties in our party would have liked and so we just passed on through after a quick gander at the store.

Heading back towards Hyannis we pulled into every single antique store we passed... most of which were eye sores that left us in stitches. At one point Matt asked me to pull into the middle of a graveyard and inform my mother that Google said there was a shop in that very spot. She may have had more luck there than some of the actual stores.

For dinner we went to DiParma Italian Table where the food was good and our bellies became full. And then. We swam yet again. Lord help us all.