cape cod i: chips and beer

On Thursday past half of my extended family and I loaded up two vehicles and headed towards New England for a lovely long weekend in Cape Cod, MA. It only took seven hours of drive time, quite a few Dunkin Donuts and several kid's movies to get there. The beautiful fall leaves slowly morphed into evergreens and the typical growth that I am used to from my childhood years spent in Down East Maine... it even smelled like home. It was gray and rainy and that was actually kind of perfect.

We had a lovely little afternoon planned. First things first though. A chip factory tour. Since Letty seems to think that chip tours are the bee's knees and well, we like chips. Cape Cod. No 'chip' needed they are just that. I have a bag of salt & malt vinegar calling my name as I speak. It was quick as far as tour's go I am sure but with kids on the loose it's all par for the course.

With chips successfully in our bellies we headed next towards the only logical place, Cape Cod Beer. Some individuals having no business being in a brewery (yours truly along with three children) went in anyway. 

My father, not a beer drinker, had a tasting and my mother, who has NEVER had a sip of beer in her life had just that. I sadly did not get photographic evidence but trust me when I say, it happened. As to her thoughts on the matter she kept mum.

For dinner we hit up Giardino's Family Restaurant. It was near the hotel and Italian fare and so therefore it was the easiest choice for our first day on The Cape. And then we went swimming. Lots of swimming.

My baby niece had her first foray into the chlorinated world and while she didn't particularly enjoy it she didn't particularly hate it either. That baby is quite possibly the best baby I have ever heard of. It was as if she wasn't even on the trip. Quiet. Easy-going and easy to please. And her parents? Cool cucumbers those two. Parenting suits them just fine I'd say. 

And this, my friends, was our first day on The Cape.