bumpgate. week 30.

Boy/girl, girl/boy| Starts with a B. Nothing changed there.

The icks| I feel like the first trimester has decided to come back and hang out with me again. Most meat in general is unappetizing. And more so than a few weeks ago. Sometimes just the thought makes me gag. Matt made tacos the other night and I locked myself in the basement until the smell dissipated. That's pretty much the worst it's ever been for me in three pregnancies as far as reaction to a smell goes. Add on to that the fact that I'm super tired each night and can't wait to crawl into bed and yup. Hi first trimester. Welcome back.

The LB's| Now that I go to the doctor every two weeks vs every four I get to enjoy this update more often. I'm up 12 pounds right now. Slow and steady wins the race and all that. 

The eats| Sweets. Carbs. And Iced Tea. I could pretty much use an Iced Tea intravenous drip.

The movings around happening on the inside| Mister Dominic is moving nicely. Normally at night of course when I finally get the chance to not move. He has decided to push my belly button out and that's a new treat of this pregnancy never before experienced by yours truly. The bump feels alien with no concave belly button right? I'm trying really hard to focus on him when he's in there moving around. It's a feeling I don't want to forget.

On the nesting front| Did you know what happens when you move and all your Christmas stuff moves too? It's location gets lost in the head. I know where a box would be in the old house... but what about here? What if I can't find it? Maybe I should get it out now so I know it's safe. Also? Christmas shopping. Can I do it? Now? How do we feel about wrapping in October? And so begins The Great Purchase of 2014. When our credit card statement reads right between ouch and boing. We are also debating moving David into a big boy bed. His sister took the arrival of her younger sibling to be the green light for crib climbing activities. I know no two children are the same... but I would like to be prepared just the same.

And I clearly need to do something about all the chalk dust and handprints on my wall.