and for halloween this year my children will be:

A little Dorothy Gale and a little Scarecrow. This timeless movie is actually one of their favorites. David particularly enjoys the munchkins, and I mean, who can blame him.
Letty of course posed perfectly and loved everything about her costume from the ribbons right down to the tips of her sparkly red shoes. I got so many cute shots of her that I couldn't just choose one. And so since this is my blog I decided I wouldn't choose just one. And note to self? The fireplace screen is reflective. Can you spot a belly?

And then there be David. I'm not sure if it was the shock of a fleece onesie on a most unusually warm Fall day, or if it was the addition of the hat/hood, but he clearly enjoyed this. Matt was on standby with "em e ems" galore.

After the screaming subsided these were the best I could do. Tears and all. That's just how the em e em's melt sometimes eh?

Take it away Letty!

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