and for halloween this year my children will be:

A little Dorothy Gale and a little Scarecrow. This timeless movie is actually one of their favorites. David particularly enjoys the munchkins, and I mean, who can blame him.
Letty of course posed perfectly and loved everything about her costume from the ribbons right down to the tips of her sparkly red shoes. I got so many cute shots of her that I couldn't just choose one. And so since this is my blog I decided I wouldn't choose just one. And note to self? The fireplace screen is reflective. Can you spot a belly?

And then there be David. I'm not sure if it was the shock of a fleece onesie on a most unusually warm Fall day, or if it was the addition of the hat/hood, but he clearly enjoyed this. Matt was on standby with "em e ems" galore.

After the screaming subsided these were the best I could do. Tears and all. That's just how the em e em's melt sometimes eh?

Take it away Letty!

I am linking up with Helene and Tay and their #blogtober14 challenge on the final day. Thanks for hosting ladies! As always, good train.

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  1. OMG! These are precious! I love that picture of Big Sis checking on little bro! Too cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, they both are so adorable! haha! My daughter wore her kitty cat costume for the first time Wednesday and she was sooo excited....until we put the hat on her. LOL...She was also really hot too

  3. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Letty looks PERFECT. Just perfect in her outfit. Girl you even did her hair perfectly. Bra. VO. And David and that wailing picture! Oh. My. STARS. I just can't. It's too adorable.

    Em e ems indeed.

    Also, the great thing about my Bloglovin' feed is I never miss an Olsen post, even on hectic days without my laptop. The terrible thing about Bloglovin' is no commenting.

  4. Hahaha, the whole sequence of pictures was perfect!! I went one year as Dorothy and if I am not mistaken I carried around a stuffed wombat since we didn't have a stuffed dog. Happy Halloween

  5. Adorable. I haven't seen that movie in eons. Letty is the cutest loving her outfit!!! Poor David. Still makes for cute memories though!

  6. Baaahahahah!!!! I mean at least your captured it to show him later. Seeee David, not so much the lover of the camera. Have fun tonight! Happy Halloween!

  7. Letty is just the most perfect Dorothy ever!!! And the extra glitter on her costume just seals the deal for me!

    And David...why do you torture that boy so?!? Kidding, I would totally be getting those pics too, crying and all!

    Happy Halloween mama!

  8. Aww omg they are so cute!! Loving the Wizards of Oz theme! Letty makes a great Dorothy!

  9. haha oh david. candy cures all. but seriously they look so cute. and letty. i mean come on. you're so good at french braiding now - can you come braid mine? k thanks :)

  10. soooo precious, these babies!!!! next year you will have three to coordinate!!!! yaaaay. and oh toddlers and the no-reason tears. so many tears. and i am now craving em e ems. :)


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