a little halloween #tbt

I am all about a good throw back. Specifically when it comes to Fall and if it also includes my family that is absolute perfection. Last year I threw up some pictures of more recent Falls, some of which included Halloween costumes of the old and young alike. This year I'm throwing it waaaay back to some of my favorite Halloweens. 

And who doesn't love looking at photos from the 80's and early 90's of kids on Halloween? This girl sure does.

We were not a family to shy away from the Trick-or-Treat. We didn't bow out for religious reasons (see what I did there?). We may not have purchased a costume (ever) but we sure were creative. From raiding our grandmother's closet to old uniforms of our parent's we found something suitable to wear. And now that I'm a mother I just go out and buy a costume. I'm almost positive I said that to my parents as a child. How bout it mom? Something along the lines of: well when I have MY own children I'll be SURE to BUY them a costume and not MAKE them wear these STINKY old clothes. Or something like that.

And so.. a sampling. And if you pay extra close attention you just may notice pieces of costumes or costumes in their entirety being reused. Nothing if not thrifty.

There was the first year I waved my Witch Flag:

Or the year we all just wore our pajamas and dressed up as boys:
I like to call this year the.... well we had nothing better to wear year. Also known as I almost went blind wearing those glasses and my first lipstick experience. It was probably raining that Halloween and there was no way we were allowed out sans raincoats:
Hey a soldier worked for last year why not make it part two? Also known as let's wear our mother's nursing uniform and Rob's first glimpse at being a fatty:

Not pictured: the three year's running that I dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder because I had long hair and a pair of lace up leather brown boots that befitted the time period I was trying to emulate, Bum Laurie, Hippie Laurie, Red Crayola Crayon Laurie, Mouse Laurie, and Dead Miss America Laurie (Miss Colorado to be exact). Although that last one was high school and therefore does not really count (although no monies were wasted in the name of that costume either).

The creativity of Halloween is missing a bit do we think? There is no wracking of the brain trying to make a costume out of nothing.... no blood sweat and tears (and/or blindness). Perhaps I should stop purchasing costumes for my kids.... make them work for it eh?

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