whoopie pie festival

Last Saturday was the Whoopie Pie Festival. Which from here on out just assume I am pronouncing like Stewie pronounces Wheat Thins. Whhhhhopie. And so on.

I found it on the google and I thought it was perhaps a "Fall" thing to do which let me just say it was most certainly not Fall here. It was 90 degrees that day. Just giving Kerri a taste of home. I think the most exciting thing about this festival was my driving theatrics and uphill battle in a minivan. Let's just say she can handle anything that van. And don't test me. My New York starts to show when all the tourists come around and mix with the Amish buggies and just... no.

It was a fair basically. Crafters. A bounce house. There was apparently games for kids like throwing things and races but the heat was oppressive and it was more of a snatch and grab job. Snatch the Whoopie Pies and run. They had over 188 flavors of Whoopie Pie. We settled on vanilla with buttercream, chocolate with peanut butter, and chocolate chip. They  had adult pies too somewhere but it was like they were heating that tent so we left as soon as could.

The Great Scare occurred within that tent as well. The Great Scare? Yes. I looked down at my camera only to see it was somehow magically reformatting my memory card. I started going to a very dark place somewhere along the lines of ruining Letty's entire life by losing her first day of preschool pictures... it kind of ruined the festival for me. When we got home Matt took the computer and somehow using the power of technology was able to retrieve all of the missing photos. I was so happy he got a hug.

I came. I saw. I ate my pie. And next year I'm staying away from here unless it is in the 70's.

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  1. OMG! Those look heavenly! Glad you were able to retrieve your photos!

  2. the cutest. love that first photo with you in the reflection of sunglasses. also WHoopie pies are better than i remembered. just not in the heat. with the camera scare.

  3. Umm this should be a national festival, because I would go nuts for some whoopie pies in all flavors!! How fun. But not the camera part!

  4. Letty looks so intent on that vanilla buttercream. And who can blame her really? Additionally, a Whoopie Pie festival??? We never have cool things like this in Florida. I call foul.

  5. What a weird festival. I love it! I want fun whoopie pies!! And omg I would have died. on the spot. If my camera pulled something like that!! Good man there, for fixing it all up! phew

  6. Whoa, best festival EVER! That would be worth getting up at the crack of dawn (to beat the heat) to chow down as many of those tasty pies as possible! Seriously, how fun!

  7. Confession : I have never had a whoopie pie they look delicious though. Now I am 0/2 this week. lol

  8. So.Much.Whoopie going on in this post...love it. Would you believe it if I told you I have never eaten one?? But they look mighty fine.

    Oh girl I would've went crazy if I lost my pics...I try to be diligent about downloading them often, but seriously who has time to do that often. Or maybe I'm lazy, but still. So glad handy manny, errr matty saved the day yet again!

  9. hahahah like stewie says wheat thins!! yessss. y'all are cute! and i've never had a whoopie pie i don't think! we went to a festival like this a few years back in some.... random... county of tennessee and i think it was for cheesecake or something but it left us with that same feeling of "well... once is enough." hahaha.

    1. oh oh oh and the great scare, ummm that would be life ruining!!! go matty for saving the day! and a marital hug ensued, you say?! wow! hahahah!


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