when your best friend turns three

My friend Liam turned three last week. I don't know how many sleeps ago but he has been celebrating alllllll week. When we went to his party I didn't even say hello because his train table was calling me. It's like a tractor beam. So many trains. 

He wore ma-mas on his shirt and there was ma-mas everywhere. I should have loved the selection of food, lots of chips and pizza but I was too busy with trains. I didn't eat a thing but mommy and daddy know that is just my M.O.

My mom tried to keep me inside but I discovered a way out anyways and found a rollercoaster ma-mas out in the garage. I wanted all the turns. I told every big kid that came near me that it was MY ma-mas. I don't understand what all the yelling was about when I walked in front of someone else's turn either. No one ever hit me. Daddy always stopped them or moved me. People need to chill. Everybody liked my shirt. 

Then mommy tried to get me in the bounce house but I wanted the ma-mas rollercoaster. She is always trying to fence me in. And you just can't do that when there is ma-mas around.

I wouldn't take a cheese with Liam because: slide and a ladder. But Letty is a natural so she did it instead. Besides I secretly think that Liam likes her more than me anyways. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come as I get bigger and bigger. I should ask my Uncle T and Uncle Robbie about that. 

I didn't have any cake but everyone was making noises like it was good. My mommy likes it better when I don't eat the cakes anyways because I just eat all the icing and waste the cake because the icing is the best. I also didn't join in on the singing. I'm a very good friend and didn't want to distract attention from Liam so I played with his trains instead.

Apparently Liam opened lots of presents but I was playing with trains in the other room (like I said I show him support by not distracting anyone). Mommy and daddy didn't tell me what was going on but i don't know why it's not like I was going to HE GOT A TRAIN!!!!!

I stayed away from that guy next to Uncle Mark. I hear he can't be trusted with a hunting knife when toys are around. And Uncle Mark was taking pictures of mommy taking pictures of Uncle Mark. Adults are weird.

After a video about Liam that I also did not watch because I was plotting the commandeering of a certain choo choo, we went outside. I took MY choo choo with me. Then they pulled candy out of more ma-mas. I got candy. Letty calls them em e em's. Letty got a tattoo of ma-mas but I was too busy with MY train. 

Mommy and daddy got us all cleaned up and ready for bed and right before we walked out the door the train mysteriously left my hands. Well I was so upset that I screamed and blacked out until I got in the van and got my iPad handed to me with choo choo's on it.

Mommy and daddy were talking about what a good party it was but honestly I can't remember any of it after the loss of my well-earned choo choo. Sometimes the older boys have all the luck. Happy birthday Liam!

I am just such a very good party guest am I not?