third time's a charm | my list of infant must-have's

And by that I mean that I will do nothing wrong and this third child will be raised exactly how I wish my first two would have been raised and I shall never once not ever make a mistake. 

Nope. Not at all what I'm going for. What I'm going for is this is going to be my third time around the newborn infant thing and I feel like as far as "stuff" goes I know what is necessary (for me) and what is nice (for me). In my opinion. So on and so forth.

I made pictures!

//1. Chicco Cortina Single Stroller. Or the Double. Since this is my third I'm using the double. And maybe a leash or two. //2. Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump. This is what I currently own but I'm going to attempt the whole free breast pump from your insurance thing. But this one worked and it was small so there is that. I think almost everyone would prefer the fancy Medela ones the hospital rents out but that's just not in the cash for us.//3. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair. We have one similar that we use for travel purposes but it would be enough for at home use only. It takes up zero room in your kitchen and its easy enough to go where you go. It reclines so young babies can use it and it also becomes a booster when that baby is then a toddler. //4. Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. Our children use them. Say what you will about them but if I can talk at a normal decibel without fear of a waking babe call me sold. A fan would do I suppose as well. In Letty's room we use an ancient iPod and dock with Disney lullabies going 12/7. //5. Vtech Audio Baby Monitor. We are on our third monitor since children. The first of this kind though. I am especially looking forward to the talk back feature. I personally don't think I can handle a video monitor because I would stalk all the live long night.//6. Wine. Must I offer up an explanation?//7. Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag. Matt recently got me this one because of all it's pockets. When one is carrying around crap for multiple kids one must have many pockets and a lot of space. I need for there to be a shoulder strap. Free hands are a rarity.//

//1. Graco Pack n Play. We got the cheapest one we could find at Walmart when we had Letty and it does the trick... But if I could go back in time I would get one with the raised mattress or whatever you call it. For infant days. We still use our first one for any and all travels. It's been around. Wink. //2. Boba Wrap. I was really brainstorming here. How am I to handle two kids and a baby? On a walk? At the park? I go too much. I decided a wrap. I googled and searched and chose this one. Wish me luck. //3. Boppy. Letty was a pumping only type baby but as she got older she greatly enjoyed laying on this for movie watching. David however was a champion nurser and so this pillow was used as God intended. At least for a bit.//4. Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Swing. One kid loved this and one kid was sort of eh about it. I've carted it in pieces through the lobby at the Borgata and there is no shame there. Okay maybe a little. I won't chance it though. Baby number three might take after his sister in that regard.//5. Summer Infant Swaddleme. These things are great. Even if it is just to watch the nurses confusion at the hospital. I find them much easier to work than a pesky blanket, and so much cuter. //6. J.L. Childress Bottle Cooler. Pump it and refridgerate it and cart it wherever you may go - this thing is super nice to have. Mine has seen better days. After bottles are done we use it for multiple sippy cups full of milk when we go out for the day. //7. Munchkin Formula Dispenser. Whether you use this for formula or for infant cereal you will use it. We are constantly out and about so we have many of these in several shapes and sizes.//

And just like that. I go talking like I'm such a pro. Got ya fooled?

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  1. I officially HATE my big clunky high chair and I want one of those space saver ones! Is it too late?!! Also, I use a sound machine with Savanna. I think people always find a way to find the negative in EVERYTHING. It helps her sleep and calms her. What's bad about that? Your third baby. You are gunna be a pro!

  2. lol! I love the wine!!! I opened my first bottle last night, my daughter was born 2 months was sooo yummy!

  3. We had that exact chicco set! LOVE it! I'm actually going to sell the stroller because I got a BOB (I run, a lot) but it was the best travel system!
    I never wore Mia as a baby but when I have our second, I definitely want to get a wrap!

  4. We got a free highchair from a friend (definitely doesn't look like a space-saver)... but it was free. So we'll see how this goes :) I have that boba wrap! Looking forward to giving that a whirl as well. Your post reminds me to contact insurance co about a breast pump. I guess I have to wait another week to be a month before her due date to call.

  5. ah haaaa i am so going to keep some of this knowledge in mind for my [not on the way] number dos! maddo has had DEFINITE preferences, so i am sure my next child will have completely different ones. haha! and wine DUH!

  6. I totally laughed out loud with the wine on the list! ha! And I will say my medela pump is my fav thing ever, if you can get your hands on one I give it a thumbs way up! I also love the hand pump when on the go as well.

  7. Wine - need! Amen. I dislike that woman's hair. with the wrap. We almost went with a pop on a chair high chair...but then realized we don't even have room for another chair at the table. So when she outgrows the high chair she is basically screwed.

  8. Ok so I can't really relate on the breast pump BUT I agree with you on all the other necessities...and just have the hubby get you the nice to haves as well. You deserve it!

  9. I feel like I should bookmark this if I have kids in the next 10 years. I dig it father.


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