things about a friday with a floridian.

After I had Letty safely back in my arms from school we went home to get Kerri and David. She was kind enough to watch him for us. And unload our dishwasher. All while getting ready for the day. She's got this locked down. We headed off to a lunch at Noodles & Company and then down to Kitchen Kettle Village for a minor tourist trap. In the heat. It was so hot when she was here. She had to just bring the Floridian heat with her didn't she?

We visited a few of the outlet stores (J Crew in particular, being Kerri's favorite). Then the iPads needed to be checked....

And then my parents kindly watched the kids so we could have an adult dinner at Appalachian Brewing Company in Lititz complete with adult beverages (for two of us) and a lazy experience with lots of silence. Silence is golden. And rare. I can't tell you the last time we have gone out to eat sans children and it is really quite nice. But I do miss them when they aren't around... It's a conundrum. 

And I was full. So full. 

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  1. loving all of it. everything you're saying. that pic of you two is still my fav. and i also adore that letty likes to sit beside me now :)

  2. Love the pink lips. I don't ever attempt color on my lips!

  3. mm dinner without children? amazing. and a little empty. but still amazing. I told Chris we need one of those for our half-versary coming up.

  4. Such a great day! Looks like you guys had a blast. Yay, for adult dinners. :)

  5. Loving those pink lips on you girl! And it looks like Letty is getting some important business done on that iPad =)

  6. Haha love the picture of you and Matt ;)


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