the nursery. before and after.

The final room! The (probably) final child! All in one space! Here is what it looked like prior to move in:

This room not only had a male as a tenant but it also had a dog. So after a good scrub down and cleaning and new carpet I figured it could stay as is until we finally got pregnant. And then I couldn't let it stay as is. Because every time I walked by my nose that could be used to sniff out narcotics smelled dog. Dog and man. So I begged Matt to paint it. I chose a color that should we ever get pregnant could work for any gender. And so paint he did.

Fast forward and now we know we are pregnant and we know the gender. I give to you: Dominic's Room. The After:

And here are all the nitty gritty details and corresponding links!
Sheepskin ThrowOwl pillow.
Crib sheetChanging pad cover.
CurtainsAccent Rug.
Orange cube tower, three glued together. Storage bins.
Owls, from Micheal's and spray painted to match.
String balls, diy
Ceiling fan.
All prints made by myself, printed through Snapfish.

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