the apples called. we answered.

I think this is the last fruit picking expedition of the year. I think. Like last year I dragged my mom somewhat willingly down to Cherry Hill Orchards, and this year I got to drag along my sister and my niece as well. She loved it. LOVED.

It felt like Fall in the air. It was gray and sort of chilly. And we did what one does when at an orchard. We picked apples. Not a ton mind you because no one else actually wanted the apples but me. David was allowed to roam free and roam he did. He picked his first fruit and seemed to quite enjoy the experience. Throwing them as hard as he could into the box of already chosen apples.

We visited the store like last year, but as we went picking a bit earlier the store wasn't quite ready for us. There were hardly any pumpkins and not too many mums. I know. Schade. I did however hit up the local Mennonite store for my own hardy mums later on that day. Letty sampled her very first apple cider and promptly asked her Nonna to buy some for her. She is such a polite vision of decorum isn't she?

When we got home I immediately set to work making all sorts of apple concoctions. First and foremost was apple cake. Yes I realize that link takes you to a peach version of it but apple is my favorite of the cakes.

I got a bit carried away with all my apple stuff but hey. My kitchen has never smelled better.

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