tall square planters | a diy tale

I often walk around my neighborhood and stalk. I see what people are doing to the outsides of their homes and look at their landscaping and what not. One of my neighbors had these nice tall square planters that just looked very regal in my opinion. And just like Ms. Veruca Salt I wanted it. And I kind of wanted it now. 

I googled. Cha-ching. Those planters are no joke. I thought perhaps I would luck out with an end of summer sale but no. So as with most things I took to Pinterest and my Handy Matty. I showed Matt what I was thinking of and he did a bit of research himself and decided he could handle it.

Enter Matt to explain a bit more including technical stuff:
Ok I am going to be honest. I put this project off for a couple days (unbeknownst) to my wife just to try and wrap my head around these things. I knew they went for over $120.00 a piece and I sure as hell knew I wasn't going pay that. Them being smaller at the bottom and larger at the top had my brain going even into the early hours of the morning. But finally around 3:26 a.m. I had an epiphany - just cut the plywood 8" at the bottom and 11.5" at the top and attach the 2x2's to them and that was it. So so so easy. No mitre saw or angle cuts needed.  We decided to make them 30 inches tall but you could obviously do whatever you wanted there. They only cost $50.00 for BOTH of them. Score!

Oh. And in between coats on the planters he painted this as well. And by this I mean the garage door. He just can't help himself.