super easy apple sauce for someone who hardly cooks.

In an attempt to get my kids to eat apple sauce and to not allow any of my apple spoils to in fact, spoil, I thought apple sauce was in order.

You need:
8 cups of peeled and sliced and cored apples
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (I would put in a bit more because I love cinnamon)

Combine everything you have in a crock pot if you own one of those foul things or in my case I used a dutch oven. On low for about an hour until the apples were soft. I think a crock pot might take many hours more. Our potato masher is on the fritz (Pampered Chef and quality - ahem) so I just used a fork until it was all a nice consistency. Wala. 

Easy. Peasy. 



  1. UM. YUM.

    I would have to do this in a crock pot. Please don't be mad.

  2. loving that you called out terrible crock pots. dutch ovens for the win. this is something i'd actually want to make too :) now i just need 8 cups of apples. hmmm

  3. Don't hate on the crock pot! ;) this looks very easy! Did the kids eat it?

  4. Whoa on the crock pot disdain! Have you ever made sweet corn in that thing? Because that is life changing. I do love my dutch oven as well. Ace has been making all kinds of apple things at school, and a couple weeks ago it was apple sauce. His didn't look this good, so we might have to try it....maybe even in the crock pot! LOL!

  5. I love making applesauce! Although haha I can't imagine using a fork. My food processor did the ol' fall apart thing, so I use the blender to do applesauce now.

  6. Oh I totally need to make this. You know once I am allowed to have sugar again. Yummy. :-)

  7. umm YUM!!!! and i have a crock pot that i bought bc stevey loves crock food but I hate it. it takes all day! what's a dutch oven, again? haha. oooh man. seriously i wanna be in your kitchen. it feels cozy and warm.


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